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Auto CBD Harlequin Marijuana Seeds

(3 customer reviews)

Strain Overview

CBD Harlequin is your choice if you want a potent strain with amazing medicinal qualities. It is a winner of a number of Cannabis Cups thanks to its very powerful CBD content. You’ll be glad you have this strain at hand to ease pain, depression, stress, anxiety, and digestive troubles. It prefers a cooler climate, though, and thus, it’s perfect for growers in colder regions.

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More About Auto CBD Harlequin

All Smiles Around This Zany Harlequin

Harlequin is arguably medical marijuana through and through. The combination of different Sativa strains allowed this weed to have an increased level of CBD. Known to have at least a 1:9 ratio between CBD and THC, CBD Harlequin is by far one of the most potent strains of marijuana when it comes to medical properties. In fact, it has won multiple Cannabis Cups due to its CBD content.

With this iteration of Harlequin, the increased ratio of CBD makes this one of the top medical marijuana that is used for pain relief, anti-depression, anti-anxiety, and anti-stress. One could immediately feel the relief after a few tokes.

This hybrid is extremely useful during the day when you need a boost of productivity as well as confidence with work. Great marijuana to smoke with friends during a social event, one can also take advantage of its relaxing properties at night to beat insomnia. This variant thrives in a cooler climate,
making it a grower’s dream, especially those who live in cooler regions.

3 reviews for Auto CBD Harlequin Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for EJ Valentino

    EJ Valentino

    Loving this seeds!! By far the fastest and easiest to grow. I’ll be able to harvest this one by the end of the month which I am excited about! The buds looks amazing and kinda produces a weird but fresh scent.

  2. Avatar for The Gardiner

    The Gardiner

    Beautiful plant with awesome aromas. Gorwn outdoors in a 5X4X1.5 ft box in almost full sun spot, turned super bushy and yielded close to a pound of buds. Great aromas and very resinous. I burped them daily for about a month and a half and the smell keeps changing/improving beautifully.

  3. Avatar for Cecil Matthews

    Cecil Matthews

    Super like to grow this kind of strains. The seeds are fastest to grow, and all germinated. It also like the medium humidity level. Must not over watered too so It may not drown. I can say the leaves are greener and branches spread out. It also bloom during the flowering stage. Very satisfying qualities!

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