Chocolope Regular Marijuana Seeds

Strain Overview

Six-time Cannabis Cup winner Chocolope is one of the best-tasting sativa-leaning weed you’ll ever experience. It comes with an earthy, sweet, and coffee aroma and flavor and an energetic and effect that will keep you moving all day long. It is also a therapeutic strain that can stop pain, stress, and anxiety naturally.

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5 Seeds Pack


10 Seeds Pack


25 Seeds Pack


Additional Information

More About Chocolope Regular

Chocolate Has Never Tasted This Good

Having 6 Cannabis Cups is a feat that not a lot of marijuana strains can achieve. Chocolope is one of the best tasting and hard-hitting Sativa dominant strains that ever graced the market. With its sweet, earthy, coffee flavor and aroma, it can entice a lot of users; however, the energetic and invigorating
effects are what keep them coming back for more. The uplifting feeling you get from smoking this weed is unlike any other.

While its effects are quite strong, its medical value is even more significant. The strain slowly diminishes the pain once the effects take over the body. It can control stress and its harmful effects on the body. Once you finish a few tokes, a relaxing sensation rolls over, and a strong sense of well-being
takes place.

Bred specifically under a controlled environment, this weed should remain under observation until the end of its lifespan if you are to produce a good amount of yield.


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