Guava Kush Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Guava and OG Kush were crossed to create the Sativa-dominant strain known as Guava Kush. With this strain, you may anticipate a potent high because it has a high THC content of about 21%. Due to its hybrid genetics, it produces medium-height plants. Guava Kush is reported to give moderate yields when grown under optimum conditions, with an average flowering time of 8 to 9 weeks. The strain thrives both inside and outside. Enjoy a unique experience when you purchase Guava Kush Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds here at Crop King Seeds, this will be a staple to your day. Your order will be delivered to you quickly, discreetly, and with the utmost care to maintain the viability of the seeds.

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Strain Profile Info

Type: Sativa Dominant
Parents: OG Kush x Guava
Flowering Time: 8-9 Weeks
Climate: Warm, Dry Climate
Yield: 450 gr/m2 (Indoors) 550 gr/plant (Outdoors)
Flavor: Citrus, Sweet, Tropical Fruits
THC Level: 21%
CBD Level: 1%
Height: 130-160 cm Tall
Harvest Period: late-October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What is Guava Kush?

The OG Kush and Guava strains gave rise to the Sativa-dominant Guava Kush Autoflower Strain. Given that this strain’s THC content is high, around 21%, you may anticipate a powerful high. It first appeared between 2010 and 2014, making Guava Kush a relatively young strain. This hybrid strain with a Sativa leaning competed in the 2014 L.A. Cannabis Cup but did not win. Unfortunately, the actual genetics of this strain and its original breeder are still unknown.

Strain Effects

Expect your body to buzz and tingle as relief and relaxation permeate throughout your limbs after smoking this bud. This mental calm is accompanied by a distinct, mild, moderate cerebral high that frequently sparks the users’ inventiveness. Guava Kush relieves your bodily aches and pains and gives you more creative energy so you can express yourself however you see fit. Adverse side effects like paranoia, dry eyes, dizziness, and dry mouth may occur if you take more medication than is advised.

Strain Flavor, Aroma & Appearance

Tropical fruit flavor and a sweet citrus and earthy aroma with hints of gasoline characterize this weed strain and are distinguished visibly by a mixture of light and dark green, amber hair, and a coating of frosty trichomes. As harvest time draws near, the pistil will change into an amber color and densely packed trichomes that will cause the buds to wither away. This cannabis variety also smells strongly of tropical fruits, which is really obvious.

Growing Information on Guava Kush

The flowering season lasts only 8 to 9 weeks in a warm climate. The trichomes become tightly packed, and the pistils become amber as harvest time draws near, giving the buds a fading aspect. One nug of these lovely blooms frequently displays a variety of green tones. You can sense the pungent aroma of tropical fruits at this time. The autoflowering Guava Kush strain thrives both inside and outside. Give your plants the nutrients they require for their growth. To prevent the growth of mold, only water when the soil is dry and elevated—not when it’s wet or muddy.

Medical Benefits of Guava Kush

Physically soothing benefits will help those who experience chronic pain, such as arthritis or headaches. This strain offers a lot of health advantages. This energy booster will help those with depression and anxiety because it reduces tension and lifts mood. People with Parkinson’s disease, chronic discomfort, insomnia, inflammation, and migraines can benefit the most from it. Additionally, it might make you hungry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Guava Kush a good strain?

Guava Kush soothes your physical aches and pains while also boosting your creative energies, allowing you to express yourself in any way you see fit.

Is Guava Guava Indica or Sativa?

Guava Kush, a hybrid cannabis strain with a Sativa-dominant genetic makeup, participated in the 2014 L.A. Cannabis cup. And has been characterized as inspiring inventiveness that can lead to the engaging discussion while enabling calm in the body for almost any occasion.

Is Guava Kush an upper or downer?

Some users have reported that the body may feel warm or tingly as it relaxes. This strain has been used to alleviate chronic pain and insomnia. Others could fall asleep as the euphoria faded off.


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