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Crop King Seeds Review 2021

New marijuana growers start their journey by finding the best quality seeds. Although some rely on other growers to supply their seeds, most growers look for seed banks online. While it is convenient to look for seeds online, it will be hard to ascertain the quality of the products. Crop King Seeds in Canada is one of the most successful and trusted seed banks around Canada and even in the USA. The seed bank marks out a range of breeders as being among the finest seed stockists. The company also has one of the best websites that are easy to navigate, making it even more popular.

Brief History of Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds is a seed bank with a fascinating history in Canada. The business launched in the early 2000s. However, due to the future of Canadian Cannabis legislation, this store had to close in 2005. Crop King Seeds came up again after a long absence when the many US States, including Colorado, finally legalized marijuana. After this, the company expanded and developed until the Canadian government was ready to accept them with open arms once again.

Crop King Seeds moved to start in the early section of 2013 and set down branches, having their first physical store in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. They are now exporting seeds from their Vancouver headquarters and distributing them to more than 100 local retailers with physical stores. The sky’s the limit for how far Crop King Seeds will expand, with recreational marijuana already legalized all over Canada.

CKS Reputation

Crop King Seeds is known as one of the industry’s finest seed banks. They regularly elegantly offer high-quality goods, and it’s clear that they genuinely care for their customers’ happiness. They’ve teamed up with various breeders to do this, enabling them to give their customers several different choices. CKS also has its consumer warranty, guaranteeing that its seeds are examined, hand-picked, and checked to assure that they are stable and viable. That is sufficient reason for a positive review. These extensive promises are far from common in the business, and it only demonstrates that Crop King Seeds’ workers are still able to go beyond that with loyal customers. The company has done a fantastic job of trying to impress its clients.

Purchasing Experience

Not only is Crop King Seeds an online store, but you could also locate their seeds being distributed in hundreds of retail outlets around Canada as well. It can be fascinating to stand in a brick & click shop, accompanied by all of the actual items that you could touch, smell, see, and talk with staff available, particularly for someone who is used to purchasing seeds exclusively online. If you live or move to Canada, it’s certainly a challenge worth taking.

Don’t worry, for those of you outside of Canada! Crop King Seeds ships internationally so that you can purchase their seeds anywhere. With details on each strain, good search and filter functionality, plus guidance about how to begin developing your seeds, the website is detailed and very well-organized. If you need further immediate support, the platform has an online chat function that automatically puts you in touch with a professional sales assistant. They will help you choose the ideal strain, straight from the comforts of your home.

Customers Service

Customer care service is one of the most crucial components of any business, regardless of its goods. When the service is terrible, customers could stay off even if the goods are of the highest quality. Vital customer support service ensures that throughout the event of a problem, a client can reach out to the service team at any time. This factor is what makes Crop King Seeds stand out from the rest. The business boasts an excellent customer support program that provides its customers with multiple communication methods to reach them. All of the company’s interactions offer work, which is another good thing as some businesses have connections that don’t work all of the time.

The firm’s website has one of the best features. Customers often get toll-free contact information, which would be the easiest way to connect. Also available even amongst the contacts is the seed bank’s address space.

Strain Selection and the Quality

You can instantly find the current status of their stocks when you take the time to search the Crop King Seeds strain range. The company develops every one of its strains. With precision and careful experimentation, this allows you to buy seeds that have been made. The company sells only its premium strains, which have the highest rate of germination. You can rest assured when taking your order, understanding that the seeds could develop and the cannabis will be excellent.

Top 5 most potent strains in CKS

The White Cookies strain provides happy, euphoric, satisfying, and body-heavy impacts to its users, much like its parents, White Widow and Girl Scout Cookies. Therefore, this is a perfect smoke during the month-end panic at work. This strain’s yields are remarkable, ranging from 200g to 400g when grown indoors or out. A few puffs of this weed would be enough to give you the high that you want with its THC content estimated at 19.25%.

The Purple Kush is a well-known cannabis strain that is loved for its flavors and effects. It is perfect for calming insomnia, tension, and anxiety. It also helps alleviate different sorts of body pains. It gives you a warm rush that might be too much for the novices. Experienced users will undoubtedly love its clear and enduring impact.

Candy Cane is a marijuana strain that is classified as easy to grow. This strain boasts a short flowering period of merely 7 weeks. This strain can be grown both outdoors and indoors. This strain is 30% Sativa and 60% Indica, with 10% Ruderalis. This variant is indica-dominant. Nothing makes this more appealing than its potent and stimulating effects to its users. The THC content varies from 17-29%. It is the combination of White Widow, AK47, and Magno strains.

Dark Angel has both Sativa and Indica genetics. It is a fast flowering strain that is great for both skilled and novice growers. This strain is known for the remarkable relaxation and creativity it gives to its users, not to mention its pain-relieving properties. It often develops green leaves, generates flowers rich in trichomes, and reaches a THC content of 20%.

Crown Royale marijuana is a signature marijuana strain of the Crop King Seeds. It gives the users a stimulating body high. This bushy indica strain is an easy to grow strain and produces excellent yield. It is the result of the combination between Purple Kush and Blueberry. Its THC content is pretty high and could reach 21.50%. It has a CBD content of 2.10%.

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17 Responses

  1. Alondra ws my support agent, and I must admit ordering the wrong seeds by accident and trying to get it cleared up before it ships was at first nerve wrecking until the agent walk me through the process swift and easy. VERY PROFESSIONAL!!! Alondra definitely ***** + *

  2. I had a credit card issue and Lakisha from customer service handled it swiftly. Crop kings have been the measuring bar for cannabis seeds for a long time, and this is why great products and great customer service.

  3. Ive dealt with several other banks and this will be my second order with Crop Kings.
    In my experience with them, they excelled in these area’s; *Top Notch customer service/super speedy response times to every email I sent * Much quicker than expected delivery time/ I received my 1st order in just 6days! *Fresh beans/ridiculously quick germ times & rates!!!!!! 15 of 15 in 36hrs (by following they’re simple and helpful guide, I obtained 100% germination rate for my order) *Hard to beat, competitive prices!
    I can’t speak on the genetics, this early. I will say however, that they are looking lovely as of early veg.
    Hope this helped- CHEERS & HAPPY GROWING

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