Crown Royale Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Our signature strain is a full-bodied, bushy Indica that is a great yielder, easy to grow and strong in both CBD and THC levels. Crown Royale is a combination of Blueberry and Purple Kush bred in North America.

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More About Crown Royale Feminized

An overall ‘Best Of’ in all categories, this addition to our famous strains was specifically bred for commercial, home, and medical growers. This beautiful Crown Royale feminized seed is a signature variety of Crop King Seeds. Crown Royale is good for indoor or outdoor grows and is classified as moderate growth. This strain is Indica-dominant and possesses a lot of properties common to this class. The flowering time is around 9 weeks, after which you can expect to find fat glistening buds filled to the last pore with yummy resin.

It has a tantalizing, pungent smell that signals its presence from meters away and lingers for a long while. The taste is unbelievably irresistible. One of the key characteristics of Crown Royale is that it is high in both THC and CBD. THC content can go up to 21.50%, whereas CBD is up to 2.10%.

As a result of this unique combination of properties, Crown Royale is recommended for both recreational and medical marijuana users. Because of this flexibility, this strain has become a favorite among many of our medical, home, and commercial growers.

42 reviews for Crown Royale Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Martin


    Best weed ever 😀

  2. Avatar for matt lovell

    matt lovell

    My fourth grow through cropking and the crown royale didn’t disappoint, I have a nice harvest of frosty purple buds going into week 9 of flower. Had 100% germination on 5 seeds .

  3. Avatar for PAUL TATTON


    Last order of Crown Royal 5 fem seeds, only 2 germinated called Crop King sent me a full 5 seed replacement without any hassles. Thank you Crop King I will be ordering from you again soon!

  4. Avatar for Zac


    I have waited to do this review until the entire grow was finished from seed to harves. I also dry, cured and smoked it.
    Well the first thing is this strain has very small pre-flowers at the beginning to mid flowering point.
    Then out of the blue they explode with growth around week 5. The structure of this plant is strong however it is a little bit finnicky…that could be due to the fact that I grow multiple strains and I never change my grow Room conditions for a specific strain so they all get the same kind of lighting, humanity and nutrients regardless. I use a 1000w HPS
    My nutes are GH and i keep Humidity at 40% lights on and 50% lights off. Again i dont Change anything for the specific strain so it’s possible that It might not be so finicky under specific conditions.
    The smell of this strain wallets and flowering is very pleasant it takes on kind of a fruity Berry smell but not dramatically. The flower structure itself looks a lot like Kush and at the very end of flowering will start to take on a bluish purple hue at the end of her sugar leaves. The buds are nice and coverd in frost and smell even more of berries after dried and cured. If you press or spray for concentrate then you will love the trim because it’s covered with frost all the way out to the end of the sugar leaves. Wind blowing the smoke out the taste is smooth with notes of floral, earth, and fruit
    It is very pleasant. As far as the effects of this plan It’s both a mixture of cerebral as well as body. You feel it behind the eyes first then a nice heady buzz hits you. I would say i got 18% THC out of this flower and will grow it again and push it a little bit harder to get it over 20%THC
    This is a fine strain and i enjoy it. I would recommend it to anyone who has a small area to grow in as this plant does not stretch a whole lot when you flip it to 12/12.
    Good job CKS!

  5. Avatar for Ronja Göransson

    Ronja Göransson

    I purchased this strain, 10 seeds pack. Thank you for your good customer service. Mostly my plants are in good status. This is the first time, 8 out 10 grew. But, I think I drowned the 2 one. So my mistake on my part. Just be careful, and don’t over water it. Right amount, right proceedings will lead to a successful grow. Anyways, I am still amazed!

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