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The Dwarf King Strain is an autoflowering hybrid containing Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis traits that grows swiftly and gives gardeners a potent and substantial crop in no time. It’s an excellent strain for breeders who are getting impatient as flowering time draws near. When smoking Dwarf King Strain, users will instantly detect the strain’s interesting and complex flavor. Customers adore its well-balanced blend of distinct flavors and smells. Customers like how well-balanced the mixture of flavors and smells is. Experience the power of the Dwarf King Strain with Crop King Seeds. Order now and receive free shipping on orders 200$ and above. Plus, enjoy discreet shipping and easy payment options!

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Strain Profile Info

Type: Hybrid
Parents: Skunk x unknown Ruderalis
Flowering Time: 8-10 Weeks
Climate: Sunny Climate
Yield: Average
Flavor: Pine, Earthy, Citrus, Woody
THC Level: 15%
CBD Level: Unknown
Height: Medium
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What is Dwarf King Strain?

The Dwarf King is a Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis-dominant hybrid strain that grows swiftly and gives gardeners a potent and substantial harvest in no time. Breeders who are getting antsy as the flowering period approaches will love this strain. Smokers of the Dwarf King weed strain will immediately detect the strain’s interesting and complex flavor. Buds from this strain have a THC content of 15% and a trace amount of CBD. You have an all-over relaxing high from it.

Strain Effects

The Dwarf King strain makes you sleepy, which gives the stone a good balance. However, the pressure creates a slight head high that keeps the high in place. The head high is calming and introspective, and it typically helps the user unwind.

Strain’s Flavor, Aroma & Appearance

Only a few of the delicious flavors present in the Dwarf King strain include hashish, citrus, gasoline, bubblegum, fruit, and plain earthiness. This strain also has some very alluring fragrances. Users may particularly like and detect the scents of hash, lemon, and butterscotch.

Growing Information of Dwarf King Strain

Dwarf King Autoflowering strain is a master of concealment thanks to its rapid growth and small size. The developing activity would end as soon as it began, which is ideal for someone who wants to keep a low profile. These qualities make it perfect for an outdoor grow operation in the bush, where it has a good chance of remaining hidden and unnoticed. The Dwarf King Autoflower plant will be able to harvest in just 8 to 9 weeks. It is also advised to get rid of the plant’s buds. This strain also has the advantage of being very simple to spread and not necessarily needing a change in the light period to start generating buds and flowers.

Medical Benefits of Dwarf King Strain

Consumption of this mild strain increases dopamine levels, which causes a surge of genuine tranquility. As a result of its complete Sativa and Indica components, it also aids in elevating serotonin levels in the body, leaving the patient with a sense of joy and well-being while regulating hunger, sleep, and mood. Additionally, it helps to treat and lessen anxiety and sadness. In addition, the strain has been shown to be beneficial for chronic pain, tiredness, and epilepsy. Sleep difficulties can be treated with this cannabis variety.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the smallest autoflower?

The shortest autoflowering cannabis seed varieties are:

Gorilla punch autoflowering 28-47 inches, Tropicana cookies autoflowering 24-43 inches, Blueberry autoflowering 24-43 inches, and Green Crack autoflowering 24-35 inches.

How much does a small autoflower yield?

The yield of typical autoflowering plants, which ranges from 10 to 50 grams per plant, is modest. A strain with a quick and brief flowering period won’t likely yield more than 30 grams, but with the right conditions, super autoflowers can produce 200–300 grams.

Is it better to top Autoflowers?

Simply put, autoflowers can be topped, but it is not typically advised. Many growers of autoflowers have never topped a plant and would be wary of doing so in the future.

2 reviews for Dwarf King Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Witt


    YES!! I made the right decision. I’m pleased to say that 5 seeds have popped and matured in just 73 days, allowing me to harvest tasty nugs from my little plants, which survive in my garden. Better than anticipated!.no bugs or mold at all. I’ve never had a problem with sunlight or nutrients…piney and woody scents excite me!! it can help reduce my stress and sadness with some tokes of this herbal..while reading a book, I find myself falling asleep unexpectedly. Hahaha. My lips and throat become drier as I take more puffs. So far, I’ve learned a lot and have a few things to improve on for the next round.

  2. Avatar for C. Bolles

    C. Bolles

    Jackpot! For me, this is a WIN. Lately, I’ve been depressed to the point where I can’t sleep due to excessive thinking. However, smoking had a good impact on my life. It provides me with such a boost of energy that I don’t even feel the negative aspects of my life anymore, and it instantly makes me feel better. I can now sleep soundly at night as well. I grew it in my garden bed because it was so simple to grow. I had average yields in just 8 weeks. This smoke’s citrus and earthy flavors were extremely soothing to my senses. I’m going to buy more of this seed and share it with my colleagues. CKS did a really good job!

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