Lemon Diesel Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

Lemon Diesel may be one of the tastiest cannabis strains yet. It has a moderate THC amount of up to 19%, and thus, it won’t be too heavy to use at home or at work. It is an indica-dominant strain, so you’ll be more relaxed, focused, happy, and ready to do any tasks that you need to accomplish throughout the day.

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More About Lemon Diesel (fem)

A Tasty, Rich Smoke

The child of Lost Coast OG and California Sour. Lemon Diesel is one of the tastiest cannabis strains you can cultivate today. She boasts a decent THC level of around 13- 19%. Thus, she is a good strain to smoke after work, considering that she is 70% indica. This marijuana strain grows as a tall and stocky plant that guarantees a bountiful harvest.

Her leaves are wide and long enough with a purple-gray shade that signifies her maturity. Lemon Diesel doesn’t take much time to grow. She is ready to bloom in 9-10 weeks. Her buds smell sweet and fruity with a skunky hint that adds more to her taste/aroma profile. For aroma, she also exudes the notes of pepper and citrus that come along with the invigorating body high that will last for hours.

Growing Lemon Diesel requires some research before getting started. However, even if you’re a novice grower, you still have more chances of getting growing healthily. She may take a little more time to bloom, but that is okay because she’s a good yielder.

6 reviews for Lemon Diesel Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Levine


    plant that survives and bloom both in warm and cold climate.I waited 8 weeks to enjoy her good yields and harvest around 500gr for each plant. She is resistant to pests and molds,that is why she is easy to take care of. Her sour lemon taste smoke comforts me from worries and anxiety.Also she has a strong diesel scent that diehard users loved.If you’ll really feel the vapor there is a hint of pepper. With this herb you can experience both the energetic buzz and calming one.moderate puff makes me talkative in social gatherings or even with my friends.Puff of this makes the late night talks with friends peaceful and soothing. lemon diesel boost my energy and focus my mind to get things done. surely,i’ll have more soon!

  2. Avatar for J. Stevens

    J. Stevens

    The Lemon Diesel is a whirlwind of flavors and experience! The taste is incredible! I love the incredible balance of sour lemon and diesel with a kick of peppery lime. Every exhale of the heavy petrol-smelling smoke gives me more eagerness to talk about life with my friends all night long. Soon after, I’m already munching on my stash of Doritos. Good thing I stacked up. Anyway, the strain is a fast grower and every time I apply the techniques, I get better and better. As a result I get more and more yields every time! The plant is equally delicious to look at because of its thick milky trichomes. Recommended it to my friends and they are loving it too! A must try strain!

  3. Avatar for Maegan Dehart

    Maegan Dehart

    fast acting strain..8 weeks flowering time,it turns into a beautiful plant that wanted by many growers. little effort with experience,it rewards you a great yields..it has a thick medium sized green colas, and when matures yellow pistils turn into yellowish-brown. place outdoor,where she can shine, flourishes in warm environment. i have grown mine healthy, so bliss to harvest up to 16oz of lovely buds from each plant. she has a strong petrol-like odor that expert users love, newbies may find it overpowering but sooner will used to it. As you puff, citrus lemon pepper will be taste on the tongue..an energy booster weed, uplift my mood comes with positive thoughts..her indica relaxing effect helps users to reduce anxiety and depression..

  4. Avatar for B. Ellington

    B. Ellington

    Lemon diesel strain has desirable effects good for recreational like by so many tokers. In my case, it helps me to ease migranes which is so distracting. it grows a solid tall plant,a little effort gives an abundant harvest. can be cultivated both indoor and outdoor, and resistant to molds and pests. Afar you’ll see her covered by thick milky trichomes. at first whiff, I easily identify the sour lemon and diesel taste touches the tongue with hint of pepper. the buzz starts to massage my brain, leaves me uplifted. Then slowly relaxes my body but still can do extra activities. Great experience..excellent seed!…

  5. Avatar for David S

    David S

    I tried growing this strain using the SOG method and in 10 weeks I was happy with its generous yields. It is a refreshing strain that leaves me joyful and energized, but later on, a relaxing feeling slowly creeped in. Anyway, it has a strong diesel smell and taste that you cannot ignore.

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