Triangle Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Triangle Kush is a potent US-made strain. It has a mysterious lineage, and all is known about it is that it’s a powerful indica-leaning strain with a very high THC at 21%. It has an amazing, invigorating smell and taste that will give you a euphoric high. It is best enjoyed at night or during lazy afternoons.

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More About Triangle Kush Feminized

A Potent Weed Shrouded in Mystery

Not much is known about Triangle Kush Feminized except for the fact that this strain is centered around three specific locations in Florida, namely Miami, Tampa, and Jacksonville. These cities formed a triangle shape hence the name of the brand. While its lineage remains a mystery, this Indica dominant strain remains one of the most powerful cannabis with a whopping 21%. This feminized version makes cultivating this weed even more convenient as growers won’t have to deal with male plants.

This weed features a strangely invigorating fruity aroma that induces a euphoric rush that results in a deep slumber. The best way to enjoy this weed is in the evening or on a lazy afternoon where you have all the time in the world to consume this slow-acting weed. The psychoactive effects of this remain complement well with people who suffer from depression and anxiety. Its side effects keep negative thoughts away, and the relaxing effects calm down the nerves. People who have troubles falling asleep will also find themselves getting drowsy in no time.

1 review for Triangle Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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    Since I started buying from yall it’s been nothing but perfection fast on time no hassle! Everything was just perfect!

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