Blueberry Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Strain Overview

Blueberry is a combination of some of the world’s most potent strains, and this is why this delicious train has a high 24% THC. It is easy to smoke, smooth to the last toke, and has an enticing smell and taste. You’ll love its gentle, relaxed, and euphoric sensation that will keep you peaceful and free from pain. It’s also good for stress and many types of pain

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5 Seeds Pack


10 Seeds Pack


25 Seeds Pack


Additional Information

More About Blueberry (fem)

Delectable and Hard-hitting

She is the cross between Afghani, Thai, and Purple Thai and brings a soothing and calming body high as she carries 15-24% THC. She deserves to be named like this because of her bluish buds and leaves. Blueberry is potent and beautiful. Given her THC content, she packs a strong punch that’s still easy and smooth on your throat. She is surprisingly sweet and fruity. The floral hint is making her more enticing, reminding you of the forest fruits and blueberries.

She also offers a body stone that will linger to your body for a certain time. This body high is so relaxing that it also provides a gentle euphoric sensation that will help you break free from stress. The high is uplifting as well. Blueberry is suitable for recreational and medicinal purposes.
Cultivating her can be difficult but rewarding. She is quite picky, so you must pay more time and attention to her. Get ready for medium yields or even more with utmost care.


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