Strawberry Banana Marijuana Seeds

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More About Strawberry Banana Feminized

Your Perfect Summer Treat

Imagine a bright sunny summer afternoon, and all you want is a strawberry smoothie mixed with banana. How about a strawberry-banana flavored weed? Even better. Strawberry Banana is a refreshing take on the Strawberry strain that injects a new flavor to its usual sweet and sour flavor. This delectable treat smells and tastes like your favorite summertime smoothie. With over 23% THC level, the psychoactive effects of this Indica leaning strain deserve recognition.

The uplifting effects overload the mind with happy thoughts as you slowly drift towards a lethargic state. This Indica dominant strain will surely lead you to slumber, much like having too much strawberry fruit shake. Unlike its dessert counterpart, users won’t get the toothache, and instead, it cures the aches and pains of the body. Migraines, arthritis, and even muscle spasms are alleviated when smoking this weed.

Growing this weed should be easier than its predecessor. The thick and durable branches help it withstand the harsh outdoor conditions. With warm and bright sunshine, it should thrive better outdoors and indoors.


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