Steps for Growing Marijuana Successfully

growing marijuana

Growing Marijuana or cannabis at home, whether indoor or outdoor can be exciting. Plant enthusiasts experience the feeling of fulfillment; most especially when the seeds start to sprout their first leaf. It is surely not easy as it takes a certain amount of time, patience and money to start. Like any plant enthusiast, the rewarding feeling of seeing your plant grow healthy as days pass gives an incomparable feeling. This article will talk about steps for growing marijuana successfully in your own home.

With the legalization of marijuana across several states for medical and recreational use, an opportunity is created for people like medical patients to plant cannabis in their own homes. If done correctly, growing marijuana at home can be fun and cost-effective. Plus, the convenience of just having them available for you at any time. Before growing your own cannabis plant, make sure to do good research. The second important thing is finding a reliable seed bank, for example, Crop King Seeds. This company ships cannabis seeds in the US discreetly. There should be no problem with the delivery, which would take at least 5 days.

Grow Your Own Marijuana

Before you start, there will be many things that need consideration. You will have to decide whether you want to grow it indoors or outdoors. According to researchers, indoor-grown marijuana plants produce pristine flowers with higher THC levels. Outdoor grown, however, is subject to the condition of the natural environment. Some may find that naturally sun-grown cannabis preferable than the cosmetically grown indoor plant.

When you are all set to plant, here are the things you should remember:

Remember that cannabis is a plant, and just like any plant, it requires elements to flourish: Light, water, nutrients and fresh air. If these elements are present, the chances of growing a healthy and strong cannabis plant are incredibly positive.

Popular Method of Growing Marijuana

Growing marijuana seeds all starts with germination. Some seed banks offer well-germinated seeds. One popular way to germinate seeds is via the paper towel method. You will need cannabis seeds, of course, 2 plates, paper towels, water and a place to plant the sprouted seeds.

In a plate, soak 2 paper towels with water, place the seeds on top giving at least an inch apart from each other. Cover the seeds with another layer of soaked paper towel. Create a dome by placing another plate to cover. After a few days, when the seeds are popped and split, you will see a single sprout. Now it is ready for planting. Choose the right pot and fill it with loose, moist and airy potting soil. A light-proof pot with holes under, for drainage, is recommended. Poke a small hole on top of the soil, middle part. Use tweezers to put the seed in the hole. The root sting (germinated root from the seed) should point downwards.

If the weed seed is stuck to the moist paper towel, spray the seed with water again. Do not try to pull it off as it may damage the seed. This will release the seed easily. Once the seed is in place, cover it gently with soil. Just enough to block the light, but not too much. Do not press the soil down, instead cover the seeds gently. Water your newly planted seed using a spray bottle. Keep the soil moist and avoid overwatering. Take notice of the temperature and the level of moisture of the soil to keep the plant happy.

Within a week, you will be surprised to see the development of your marijuana plant. Happy Planting ahead!

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