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Head high vs Body high

Head High Vs Body High Compared

With cannabis turning basic support for people who want to treat medically, there are also concerns regarding the effect cannabis will have on the body. Sativa cannabis is more than just a common weed – it is considered to be a medicine. Comparing the Sativa and Indica plant is a good way to begin when handling a plant-based systematic plan. But what is head high vs body high compare?

If you’re a new weed user you might find it hard to comprehend even the most common terminologies about cannabis. Aside from learning the basic terms such as Sativa and Indica, you should also understand the different effects that these strains create. This is important as this will practically determine the effects felt once you decide to ingest any of the available cannabis strains.

Head High Vs Body High Compared – How Strains Make you High

Before heading hastily into the several kinds of effects, it would be smart to always commence in the beginning. You should first understand how strains give you high. It is not necessary that you have to understand all the studies in science concerning cannabis exhilaration to appear knowledgeable.

The amazing thing about weeds is how distinct each plant is. Strains like the Sativa or Indica hybrids are commonly developed for distinct parent features that lead to a greater quality producer bud.

To put things on a simpler note, when you consume cannabis through vaping, smoking, or edibles, you are proposing cannabinoids into the system. Human beings, together with most mammals, exhibit cannabinoid receptors in the brain. These cannabinoid receptors adhere to the rush of cannabinoids from using up cannabis, which consecutively makes the high weed smokers know and cherish.

There is some exemption to this, mainly when we talk about consuming CBD rather than THC. Considering the fact that CBD has taken the market with huge popularity, you may have known that CBD does not exhibit psychedelic cannabinoids, which is different from many recreational strains that are characterized to be THC-heavy.

CBD and THC are both cannabinoids; however, it is only the THC that could make one feel like the individual in stoner entertainments. This feature is significant since the ratio of the two cannabinoids to whatever kind of strain you are using will have an impact on the head and body high. Indica strains are likely to have higher CBD content compared to the Sativa strains. 


The essential factor that determines how a particular strain affects a user is the chemical compounds. Nevertheless, it appears like the dosage serves a huge role in the general effects felt by the user. Ingesting any cannabis strain in huge quantities will commonly result in a body high. A kind of high that makes you feel tired, thirsty, hungry, and groggy. If you intend to keep yourself more alert, then simply reducing the amount of strain you ingest may be sufficient to deliver the desired effects.

Body High Effects

If you ever heard people talking about body high, they are likely to be describing the feeling one experiences after using an Indica-dominant strain. Users explain that a body high would make one feel heavy and probably even a little bit stimulated. Some users explained that they felt as if they were spinning or not able to stop deciding on a particular direction. 

Generally, a body high is associated with a potent Indica-dominant strain. The fact is that any cannabis, regardless if it is Indica or Sativa, can create a body high. The kind of high that you get from these strains may be characterized as a buzzing feeling encountered in the entire parts of the body.

The irresistible effects are quite extensive to novices who easily take an excessive amount of weed without thinking strong effects first.  If you do not exaggerate a body high, users are likely to feel soothed and perhaps a little lazy. Indica strains are recognized to create a couch-locking effect. This means that if you have some tasks to finish and opt to have an easy seat after ingesting a potent Indica, there would be a good chance that you cannot get up immediately. 

This is the reason why excessive-punching Indicas that create a powerful body high is recommended to be used in the latter part of the evening. Many enthusiasts will carry the compelling buzz created by an Indica into a deep sleep. The manner used in consuming cannabis will also significantly affect the body. Smoking cannabis will produce a more exciting buzz compared to consuming cannabis through edibles. 

Cannabis that is taken through the liver is treated differently. THC is transformed into 11 hydroxy metabolites or 11-OH-THC. This method makes a much powerful impact compared to vaporizing or smoking cannabis. If you need a weed strain that helps in alleviating spasms, sore muscles, chronic pain, and headaches, a compelling Indica strain would be best for an extended body high.

Head High Effects

Do not allow the term “head high” to confuse you. Head high offers you more than being like in the sky. THC itself is a psychedelic element; hence, each cannabis strain can give a head high. However, Sativa strains are popular to deliver the exhilarating interpretation of a cannabis high.

Some consumers also explain the sensation from using Sativa strains to be somehow “energetic” because the effects are not sensed by the body but rather so much in the head. You may find it alarming; however, it is no more daunting than couch-lock. Head high created by weeds is demonstrated in various ways: creative, cerebral, energetic, uplifting, euphoric, and even eccentric. 

This impact can have many forms and divergence. Relying on the kind of cannabis strain, your inclination to paranoia, anxiety, the amount you smoked, and your settings or surroundings, the effect can be entirely distinct. When availing a lot of cannabis, the effect of head high may appear to be more similar to a “trip,” then a push of stamina and accuracy. Great levels of THC may direct to an ultimately incredible time that you and your colleagues will never forget. The lavish sensation of bliss and pleasure can be illustrated as floating down on a calm river.

Strains with a compelling head high are said to affect people by making them feel happy. Users say that recreations like music, video games, and chatting with friends, will feel intensified after taking THC-loaded cannabis.

Unfortunately, the head high comes with some possible adverse effects. Once excessive THC penetrates the system, feelings of paranoia, anxiety, and increased heart rate can happen. These will normally go away quite quickly if you handle the issue. Begin by doing slow, deep breaths, and find a place where you will feel more comfortable. The body as a whole cannot sense the effect of paranoia, but the mind can. This can be the best explanation why a lot of people choose to use Indica or hybrid strains over Sativa strains, although there are lots of cannabis enthusiasts who would still opt to feel a spirited head high.

Combined Effects of Head High and Body High

Some people out there might assert that pure Sativa and Indica strains are likely a myth. Although there can be a possibility to this thought, veteran cannabis cultivators normally make their best effort to offer cannabis enthusiasts a strain that complements the characterization of the first strain. In rationale, a purely, smoothly-balanced hybrid strain that exhibits both effects of Sativa and Indica can give you the perfect experience of a body high and head high.

In perfectly-balanced hybrid strains, the head high and body high balance may differ. Smokers may choose an Indica-dominant hybrid to feel mostly tranquilized with just a sufficient cerebral euphoria to maintain the alertness.

On the other hand, a hybrid that is Sativa-dominant could give you a mild body high. The body high is sufficiently light so that getting your tasks done is still possible. A lot of consumers explain that Sativa-dominant hybrids are best for daytime usage, although Indica-dominant hybrids are said to make perfect additions to beach days, camping trips, and other events that do not need a lot of energy.


So, you might want to assess which is better when head high vs body high compared? Well, that should be a concern that only you can figure out. Everyone is genuinely unique, and what fits your choice may not be the same as others. Since every strain, cultivator, and distributor is varied, you may realize that even a strong strain can exhibit passionately various effects.

A head high or body high has a unique sensation and energy to users. Always ensure that you only select a reliable cannabis supplier to acquire the best strains with the best head high vs. body high statistics. If you find it difficult to get the best body and head high balance, it would be best if you learn exactly what you are using.

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