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Marijuana Tea

How to Make Marijuana Tea

Marijuana tea is a comforting drink formulated by drenching ground buds in hot water. Once drunk, the tea spreads THC into the body and confers a soothing high that is best for alleviating pain and stress. This drink can warm up your body and transpire effect within the expected time for edibles and implement a longer-lasting effect than smoked weed.

Do you want to learn how to make marijuana tea? It will be an excellent addition to your cannabis knowledge if you wish to wake and bake without igniting. Soak yourself a nice marijuana tea and enjoy a sensible and tranquilizing way to achieve your fix.

Marijuana tea has been gaining popularity worldwide, and it is no question that the enthusiasts adore it. There are endless impressive benefits to marijuana tea. These benefits include the stimulation of the appetite, reducing nausea, and eliminating pain. 

Steps in Making an Enticing Marijuana Tea

How to make marijuana tea? Making marijuana tea is an uncomplicated process. However, if you have a tight time and are running late, you might not complete the process as expected. Making marijuana tea involves a simple method, but it demands time and a little patience.

There are several types of marijuana tea available, which you might want to try one of these days. But many marijuana tea lovers prefer the one that gives them psychedelic effects. How to do it? Well, you will need four ingredients for this matter, namely: marijuana buds, tea bag or tea ball for filling, butter or coconut oil, and water for boiling.

Here are the steps in making marijuana tea:

1) Bring the water to a boil 

You will prefer to use a pot in bringing the water to a boil rather than using a kettle because you will have to heat the marijuana in the water longer than it would typically take in boiling for a regular tea. And while you are standing by for the water to come to a boil, you can proceed to the next step.

2) Grind the bud

You cannot pick apart your weed through your fingers if you want to make a marijuana tea. You would like to achieve an adequately grounded flower to grant more areas for the activation of the cannabinoid. The quantity you use will be based on how large a batch you intend to create and your tolerance to marijuana. If you are sure about your patience, you are beginning with a quantity below a gram and notice how profound the effects are, and make the necessary adjustments on the next batch of your marijuana tea.

3) Get ready for activation

To become bioavailable, THC has to attach to fats. If you jump over this procedure, you will triumph in making a marijuana tea that does not create a high.

Blend the ground buds with either butter or coconut, comprehensively wrapping the flower without over-drenching it. A teaspoon can provide the trick. Scrape the buttered goods and put them in a teabag or tea ball. You may open the top, fill in the buds, and have it sealed.

4) Immerse the tea

Now put the tea bag or tea ball into the water and let it boil at low. It would be brilliant to allow at least 30 minutes to immerse in the water to make sure that it has been activated. If you are in a small amount, 15 minutes would be enough to activate the cannabinoids.

You may notice some water evaporate while boiling. Thus, it is always recommended to put more than you are planning to consume. If you do not have a filter or tea ball, you may also directly drain the fat mixture and ground buds into the water and tighten it out after bringing the contents to a boil.

5) Enjoy your marijuana tea

Once the tea has been drenched for at least 15 minutes, you must be able to make a nice marijuana tea. Except if you have a palate that likes the original taste of weed, it will make a good idea to embellish the tea according to your preferences.

You may consider adding sugar and milk to make it taste better. However, another option is to blend other kinds of tea to make it not vigorously flavored by marijuana. You may incorporate your favorite tea, place your marijuana and fat blend directly to it, and relish the combination of tastes once the tea is set.

Put in mind that marijuana tea is comparable to edibles. Do not anticipate feeling the effects within the first 10 minutes, and indeed do not brew another cup of tea if you are agitated; it will not affect you. Wait for at least 1 hour and notice how it affects you. If you find that you do not get any effects at all, there is a possibility that you did not achieve full activation.

How Marijuana Tea Works?

You can maximize all types of marijuana-imbued beverages and foods nowadays. In particular, many consumers consume marijuana edibles that come in all types, from baked goods to chocolate bars to gummies. But marijuana tea is another impressive way for enthusiasts who like to use THC orally.

If you orally take marijuana, it acts a bit distinctly than it could if you breathe it in. The cannabinoids should be first processed into the system before you sense any effects. Once the THC system processes, it is also transformed by the liver into a more powerful type of chemical called 11-hydroxy-THC. Fundamentally, marijuana tea grants you a specifically compelling high. 

Once you drink marijuana tea, you will typically have to wait for the effects to manifest. The time you will have to wait may rely on tolerance and the breeze of the metabolism. Usually, it takes around 30 to 90 minutes for the effects to kick in for the orally-consumed THC. Nevertheless, the moment it establishes its effects, you will encounter a compelling high that lingers from 4 to 12 hours.

Effects of Marijuana Tea

Marijuana tea provides a hard-punching high that lingers for several hours. The effects may differ, although you can depend on marijuana tea to offer you an incredible high. 

The effects that you will achieve from marijuana tea will depend on the kind of strain used. That implies that you can brew a tea while using an Indica strain to achieve soothing effects, Sativa strain to achieve uplifting effects, or hybrids if you like to experience the effects of both. 

Overall, you may expect marijuana tea to enhance your mood, which could make you feel blissful and happy. It is also inclined to encourage a mind-boggling sense to put more fun and pleasure into any activity. Meantime, it will alleviate the whole body, making it perfect for evening leisure and best for helping one to get a night of better sleep.

Benefits of Marijuana Tea

Drinking marijuana tea is not only beneficial for recreational users, but it can also be helpful for medicinal users. Although the effects can be a little overpowering for specific users, those searching for a product that provides them more powerful alleviation than smoking can significantly benefit from marijuana tea.

Consumers suffering from physical problems like inflammation and chronic pain may find the manifestations of marijuana tea particularly useful. Even a minimal amount of marijuana tea can alleviate strains, aches, and distress for several hours. What is more, is that the tranquilizing effects can help to neutralize insomnia and other issues about sleep.

Marijuana tea also creates beneficial mental effects. It can enhance the mood and help neutralize the manifestations of anxiety, depression, and chronic stress. THC is also proven to help safeguard the brain and prevent different mental and physical conditions, making you feel hungry.


There is plenty of discussion surrounding the use of marijuana tea. This has resulted in several tests and unsubstantiated assertions about the adverse effects. Nevertheless, many people still hold to the idea that marijuana must be legalized for medicinal purposes, contributing to the growth of its popularity. This is also why more marijuana products were introduced, and one best forms that enthusiasts consume nowadays is marijuana tea.

Consuming marijuana tea is an efficient and stimulating method to achieve the effects of THC. Although it is a fact that it can take hours for the effects to be felt, you will be satisfied with the particularly stimulating effects, which can last for hours.

You can learn from the above steps if you want to learn how to make marijuana tea. There are several approaches to formulate and tailor-make marijuana tea. Whether you are searching for a delightful recreational high or powerful medicinal benefits, making marijuana tea can help you achieve these.

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