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Hydro weed guide for growers

Hydro Weed Guide for Beginners and Advanced Growers

The cultivation of marijuana can be a very challenging task sometimes that is accompanied by complications. Yet, given the challenge, harvesting is rewarding. Knowing the proper methods in growing weed yourself can ensure that the quality of it is no doubt high with a valuable impression. Notwithstanding the freedom of choosing which strain you wanted to add to your garden. 

As there are many distinct approaches to cultivate weed, may it be in an indoor or outdoor growing setting, each of these approaches is followed by advantages and drawbacks? One of the growing methods that has surpassingly offered exceptional results is hydroponics. 

Hydro weed cultivation is entangled with the term hydroculture. Though it is genuinely encompassed with hydroponics, this term has substantially affect growing means in terms of being a substitute. Both hydroponics and hydroculture are related to the absence of soil in terms of growing plants. 

Yet, though the soil is not present through hydroponics, cannabis plants still require necessary macro and micronutrients that can further flourish and grow. This method offers essential nutrients by using substances such as a mineral nutrient solution that is broken down in the water. 

With the established book named A Natural History authored by Francis Bacon in 1627, plants can surpassingly thrive in the absence of soil. This has been approved as far as implicating the method year 1929. 

In this article, we will be discussing in detail hydro weed and valuable guides that can help experts and even amateur cannabis cultivators. But before we even go further, let us talk about its advantages and drawbacks. 

What are the advantages and drawbacks of hydro weed? 

The use of hydroponics has been strengthened hugely in this modern time. The contemporary hydroponic setting is designed for presenting gains not only for experts but also for amateur cannabis cultivators. 

With this technique, cannabis growers can produce up to 30 percent of significant yield, unlike cultivating cannabis plants using the traditional way – soil. It also uses still substances like vermiculite, perlite, clay pellets, and even Rockwool. In addition to that, hydroponics requires no underlying layer.

The important thing to keep in mind about these substances is that they can offer a thorough saturation of the nutrition directly to the plants’ roots. With that being said, the roots don’t need to expand and hugely grow to obtain essential nutrients from the soil. Instead, the center of its growth timeline is placed to sustaining the top-most parts of the cannabis plant, such as the leaves, the flowers, and even the stalks. 

Given that the cannabis plant does not need to consume a lot of effort and energy in building a comprehensive root system, it can thrive even quicker through hydroponics, unlike it does when grown using soil. Hence, harvesting buds can be made at an as early time as possible.

The utilization of soil is regarded as a risky medium for various plant diseases and infections. With the help of hydroponics, these small little invaders, such as pests and mold, have no way of attacking, mainly due to it being sterile. Because of this, cannabis plants can grow even more strong and healthy, even with some challenges during the cultivation process. Furthermore, pruning is no longer required when using hydroponics as there will never be any excessive parts that can grow on their way. 

Talking about the old-school cannabis cultivation, the soil has been considered for novices because of its humane character. Some simple mistakes can be remedied without hurting the cannabis plants. Yet, when we talk about its nutrient consumption and the time it should be fed, considering soil medium may not be ideal. This is different from hydroponics. The method can present its cultivators the ability to control and manage feeding nutrients, watering, and even pH balancing. 

What are the things to put into consideration? 

One of the things to consider when using hydroponics is to choose a large tank or reservoir. The large reservoir can hold water and nutrients that are good for a week or more. Or less, without this, the act of regularly changing and filling up liquid can be very frustrating. 

In opting to use hydroponics, not only that, you have to have a large reservoir, but you need to consider having extras. When it happens that your only reservoir has been damaged, not having an extra is a nightmare and can cause harm further. 

In placing the reservoir, you have to make sure that it is placed near the source. This can save you time when filling in, cleaning, and even changing. 

In choosing a reservoir, you have to make sure that there is a lid. Without the cover, the water can immediately drain due to evaporating. Not only that, it can quickly drain, but it can also mess up the humidity. 

It is safe to use tap water for ph balancing what you can do to place the water first on your extra reservoir for at least 2 to 3 days for the chlorine to evaporate completely. Notwithstanding, you must use a ppm meter and pH meter for any changes and complete control. 

Lastly, use substances or essential nutrients from the same company or brand. This can make you monitor your cannabis plant development when using the hydroponic method. 


Cultivating cannabis plants using hydroponics can be pleasurable and can offer lots of benefits. This is in particular when you get used to it. The fulfillment of being a novice to an expert cannabis cultivator is a great accomplishment. This is something compared to when you achieved a highly-loved gadget or eating the most craved food you haven’t gotten for a year. 

Hydro weed is a highly appreciated method nowadays. It is strongly assumed that the benefits it can present are enticingly surpassing. Given that every cultivator has a diverse way of keeping their plants healthy, trying hydro weed won’t hurt the butt.

You have to keep in mind that you always need to choose high-quality and graded nutrients from reputable companies. Using appropriate and essential tools such as a ppm meter and pH meter can be a plus in keeping the balance.

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