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Crop King Seeds is always on the go to find new marijuana strains we can introduce to our customers. It is always our goal to bring the world premium quality marijuana seeds so you can have access to your own supply of quality buds. We have a very strict set of standards in choosing which cannabis strain to carry, thus you are assured that what you buy are of high quality standard.

Browse our new strains collection below and order your seeds today!

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Shop For New Marijuana Strains at Crop King Seeds

Just like any plant, cannabis comes in different strains and subspecies. You’ll find tall strains, short ones,
productive strains, and colorful plants. All the wonderful varieties that you can’t wait to try and grow!

And as days go by, there are more and more cannabis strains to look forward to. There’s always
something better, new strains that have higher THC levels, the recreational component of cannabis.
These are plants that will grow potent buds with amazing psychoactive effects.

There are also new strains with improved CBD, the medicinal component of cannabis. These plants will
bear buds that have impressive therapeutic effects. You can grow your own medical cannabis supply and
relieve pains, headaches, migraines, and arthritis. If you suffer from anxiety, stress, depression, or
insomnia, let medical cannabis give you comfort.

Still, there are new strains that favor growers. There are new marijuana strains that will bloom faster,
will give you more yields, and will be more resistant to plant diseases, molds, and common pests.

If you’re excited as we are to try new marijuana strains, then that’s great! Here at Crop King Seeds, we
work hard to provide our customers with only the best marijuana seeds. We are happy to give you the
best and the latest seeds.

Why Try New Cannabis Strains?

There’s a lot of anticipation for new marijuana strains. Many growers look forward to trying these
strains because they want to test their growing prowess. Experienced growers and breeders are also
excited to see what’s new and what they could improve on. With growing and breeding cannabis,
there’s always something new, and this only means that this market and industry is constantly evolving,
constantly thriving.

If you’re new to cultivating cannabis, new strains will give you a chance to harness your growing skills.
But we recommend trying out easy marijuana strains first because not all new strains are easy to

How to Grow New Marijuana Strains?

One of the most common misconceptions about new marijuana strains is that these are very hard to
grow. Indeed, some new strains may require more attention and care than others because of their
complex genetic makeup. It is also possible that some new strains need special techniques to help them
bloom or sprout. But still, you’ll find some new strains that are easy and forgiving to grow.
Tips to Grow New Strains

● Consider the needs of a new strain

As with any new strain, always start with getting to know the plant. Check the strain’s basic
needs that include its preferred growing environment (outdoor or indoor), temperature,
humidity, and lighting. Take note if it thrives well in soil, hydro, or in other types of growing
mediums. Pay attention if it needs additional nutrients or more water (or less) and if it has a
special preference when it comes to training.

Yes, these may be tedious, but it prevents any mistakes that may happen along the way. You’ll
find this information from our breeder’s pack and here, at our official site.

● Be careful with nutrients

You may need to take it slow and easy when it comes to giving nutrients. A new plant may be
sensitive to common nutrients and fertilizer supplements. If you wish to feed your new plants
with fertilizer, give it half of the regular dose. Make sure to monitor your plant’s response to the
product before you give a full dose. Monitor your plants for at least a week. If you notice
anything wrong (leaves changing colors, plants look dry or dropping, leaves starting to wilt and
fall off), discontinue the product. Flush the soil with clean, pH neutral water.

● Powerful lights are the best

Light is life to plants, and the more powerful your lamps are, the better your buds will grow. We
recommend using CFL and LED lights because these are not too hot, which can dry or burn your
plants. Maintain a good distance from the leaves to the lamp, around an inch or two is best. And
illuminate everything, not just the top portion of the plant.

● Indoor growing for now

For any new plant, a new strain, it’s best to closely monitor the plant’s growth and
development. And what better way to grow your new plants than indoors? With an indoor
growing garden, you can tweak lighting, temperature, and humidity at just the right levels for
your plants.

● Get digital when monitoring your plants

Make it easier to monitor your new plants by using digital measuring devices. Use a digital
thermometer, which usually comes with a digital hygrometer. You may also use a thermal gun to
identify areas in your growing area that are lighted poorly or are warmer/colder than others and
fix these right away. A digital timer is also a good idea to power on and shut off lights and fans

● Grow only a few plants

It’s also best to grow only a few plants, especially when you’re just testing the waters. Most
seed packs we sell come in 5, 10, and 25 seeds per pack, so we suggest using only a 5-seed pack
and see what happens. We also have the mix and match pack if you want more variety but still
grow only a few plants per strain.

● Pests and mold control

Some growers claim that their new strains are mold-resistant, pest-resistant, but don’t take this
as a way to lower your guard. Always be mindful of pests, especially when you’re growing your
plants outdoors. Pests like spider mites, caterpillars, grasshoppers, and crickets are very
common and may be stopped with pesticides and other natural pest control measures, but
always be careful whenever you use any chemical pesticides.

When it comes to molds, you must always prevent the development of moisture inside your
growing area because moist and dark can lead to mold development. Molds and fungus can eat
your plants and render it useless in just one night. So always be careful and fix leaks, dry up
messes and spills, and water your plants responsibly.

● Create a watering schedule
Water your plants only when the soil is dry and not when it’s moist and wet. Watering early in
the morning helps your plants absorb more water rather than watering them during noon or
when the sun is at its highest point. Take note that some new strains require less or moderate
watering. Don’t always think that all cannabis plants require the same amount of water each

● Create a diary

Share your experiences with a new strain by creating a grow diary. We guarantee that many
growers and first-time breeders will love to learn about your adventure. You can write about
your growing adventures (or misadventures) or post a video about it. Be helpful and include tips
and tricks to grow the new strain better. And if you wish, you can make a blog or a site to help
more growers as you try to grow new strains.

There is much to learn about growing marijuana that we can’t put on this page. It is always best to
educate yourself if you are a beginner however most of our new strains are easy to grow so any of the
strain you choose will surely be a winner for you.

Our amazing collection will surely amaze you. But make sure to get to know the different new strains
first so you can select the one that’s perfect for your needs.
If you have any questions about new marijuana strains, don’t hesitate to contact us at 1844 276 7546 or
use our chat service for instant answers.

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