Bruce Banner Regular Marijuana Seeds

Strain Overview

Bruce Banner is The Incredible Hulk’s alter ego, calm, gentle, and smart, qualities you can expect in its namesake strain. It is perfect for recreational use as it generates a euphoric experience that will leave you satisfied. You’ll also be able to use Bruce Banner to help you deal with pain, stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

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Additional Information

More About Bruce Banner Regular

The Incredible Weed

Bruce Banner is easily one of the most recognizable characters in the Marvel universe. The lovable green hulking monster has always been a fan favorite. In this iteration, this Sativa dominant strain is also a lovable fan favorite due to its potent and widely strong effects. One will notice that upon
smoking this weed that it packs a powerful punch much as the Incredible Hulk does. This variation makes sure that you gain a sociable approach to any conversation and creates a mind as wonderful as the fictional scientist that it was named after.

An ideal weed to smoke for recreation, this strain creates a euphoric experience couple with pain-relieving qualities. Much like its comic book counterpart, its bright green color matches well with its herbal, flowery, and citrus taste. The resemblance of this strain continues with its physical aspect. Bruce Banner tends to grow a bit shorter than the usual Sativa; however, it has a very strong smell, so planting it away from any nosy neighbor is a good recommendation.


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