Northern Lights Regular Marijuana Seeds

Strain Overview

Northern Lights is the most iconic cannabis strain that’s also the recipient of many awards because of its potent and stable genetics. It offers a potent body-centric high with an improved sense of being. It is a strain for a happy and fun vibe and can also help deal with medical issues like pain, depression, anxiety, and stress.

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10 Seeds Pack


25 Seeds Pack


Additional Information

More About Northern Lights

The OG Iconic Strain

One of the legendary strains to ever grace the surface of the planet – Northern Lights. This award-winning Indica dominant strain is generally well-liked by consumers, growers, and medical marijuana users. This strain is known by many for its potent body high and increasing sense of well-being. Users will find themselves strangely happy after a few tokes with this weed.

Apart from its effects, Northern Lights is also great medical marijuana due to its moderately high THC level that induces a good amount of physical comfort and relaxation. Many body functions are improved after smoking this weed. If you find yourself stressed, anxious, depressed, or simply want a pick-me-up, this should be your go-to strain of marijuana.

As a grower, it is important to know that this weed is known for its resilience. A feature that not many marijuana strains are good at, it is highly essential to growing this weed outdoors where it thrives better with good amounts of sunshine and nutrition.


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