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Exceptional Ways to Enjoy Marijuana

Exceptional Ways to Enjoy Marijuana

At the moment, the first mental image of marijuana for you might be green clumps stuffed into a pipe or rolled into a cigar for a good smoke. Smoking marijuana is the most popular activity associated with it and is pretty much the only way how most people think it is used. 

But through these passing times, there have been new discoveries of exceptional ways to incorporate some Mary Jane into your lifestyle without taking away the fun and CBD and THC content to get you buzzing or help with recovering. You will surely find something new to try through these innovations that provide plenty of benefits and advantages from the various ways you can use weed.

Health and Wellness

Marijuana has been legalized in several regions because of its proven medical properties to treat diseases and disorders. Smoking cannabis is one option that can still restore your health and contribute to your overall well-being but may not be suitable for everyone who might be prescribed to take in a dose, especially for those with lung diseases. Well, thanks to science, these other safe ways can do the trick to getting you back in tip-top shape.

Safe and Better Ways to Enjoy Cannabis

1. Capsules and Pills

Taking capsules and pills is a safer and easier way for you to get your required dosage of CBD that keeps it discreet and super easy. Just pop it right into your mouth without worrying about the lingering aroma and having breathing problems if your lungs can’t handle smoke. 

Your capsules and pills may also be fortified with other needed vitamins and nutrients that will make it the ultimate health booster without being too risky. Also known as canna caps, THC can also have longer-lasting effects in this form while it is not absorbed into your bloodstream right away due to digestion, a check-up with your doctor about your experience for the best results.

2. CBD or Hemp Oil

You can actually find CBD Cannabis or Hemp oil in capsules, but if you want to mix your prescription in your food and drinks, this option can work for you. Cannabis oil contains lesser amounts of CBD and THC, so this is more advisable if you are on medication for a smaller dose. CBD oil has been used to treat anxiety, insomnia, nausea, pain, and even cancer. They are also easier to purchase since you are not required to present a medical card.

3. Tincture

No, a tincture is not some pretty nail paint (we have no idea how that would even help you heal in the first place) for your manicures and pedicures. Tinctures are extracts that are also great for discreet intakes and faster absorption. They are either oil-based or alcohol-based and can be mixed with drinks and food. Tinctures often work best when taken sublingually or under the tongue for the effects of working quickly and lasting longer.

4. Spray

Using sprays is similar to tinctures as well. The spray bottle does add some fun, but unlike tinctures, marijuana sprays can come in different strengths to suit any user or prescribed dosage, along with the CBD and THC content. Sprays are also advised to be taken sublingually for medical use.

5. Topical Cream

If you are the sporty type or maybe experience body pain from stress and work, topical creams mixed with marijuana oils and extracts have proved to relieve pain right away. Instead of tablets and capsules, you might consider this use if you want a quick recovery. You can also make your own cream or oil for you to customize it and make it your own special remedy.

6. Transdermal Patch

Transdermal patches infused with cannabis also provide pain relief in a hefty gauze. You can wear these patches overnight or throughout the day to keep your muscles and nerves relaxed without having to worry about getting caught because they can be hidden under your clothes and look like a regular patch and emit no powerful scent.

7. Huff and Puff

A roll or pipe is not the only way for you to enjoy your weed. You can now find all sorts of mediums that not only look pretty but still deliver the high feel you are after. These instruments offer different advantages, so this is simply a matter of what you might find more effective and convenient for you.  

8. Bong

Bongs help make smoking easier and safer as a water pipe. Water in the bong helps cool smoke to avoid burn while killing off carcinogens that put your health at risk. Smoking with bongs is great for a high dose for some fun and relaxation without the dangers.

9. Bowl

Not a literal bowl for you to steam your face in with cannabis, a bowl is a small pipe usually made from glass. It is similar to those wooden tobacco pipes made for small amounts of weed. Bowl is a good alternative for blunts and joints if you would like a quick smoke without tossing out waste.

10. Blunt

A blunt uses tobacco cigar wraps with the weed rolled up inside. Using the wrap from a tobacco cigar adds more flavor and buzz to elevate your usual smoke, creating a whole new experience.

11. Bubbler

There is no bubble blowing in this one (but we wish it did, though), but this is a pipe you might like. A bubbler is a glass water pipe just like the bong and can cool smoke and filter out carcinogens too. It is more compact, making it easier to pack in for a trip and have some MJ on the go.

12. Dabs

Dabs are cannabis in the form of a tacky oil, almost like butter. Dabbing gives off a high and euphoric sensation along with lasting effects but will need special instruments to smoke it like a torch or dab rig. Dabbing is also safe and easy on your lungs for you to have a safe and fun time.

13. Joint

If you want to have a smoke without pulling out some cash, making yourself a joint is the easiest way to do so. All you need are filters or rolling paper and your buds to create them. You can also purchase different kinds of filters and rolling papers that add or enhance flavor from the various materials used to make them.

14. Beauty from Buds

Beauty gurus and members of the makeup community are in for a treat with new products being rolled out in the market that have a touch of marijuana in them. Get yourself a spa day or bomb look with these items that will upgrade your look.

15. Lotion

When combined with other ingredients, cannabis can help soften and moisturize your skin to keep it supple and glowing from within.

16. Makeup

Take your makeup to a whole new level with products infused with cannabis oils and extracts. From face oils, primers, and sunscreen, you can keep your face looking fresh and makeup looking smooth too.

17. Bath Soak

If you want to take a breath of some weed while you are sitting in the tub, why not try a bath soak? Bath soaks with marijuana oils and extracts will keep your skin hydrated while you enjoy the aroma of it along with other essential oils for you to relax and treat your body. 

18. Shampoo

Nourish your hair and wash away a bad hair day with a shampoo mixed with cannabis oils. It will lock in moisture for both your scalp and strands. You can also extract some weed yourself and mix it in the shampoo you already have to make your go-to shampoo even better.

19. Dine and Drink

If you can smoke it, rub it, bathe in it, well you can cook, eat, and drink it too! Adding some cannabis to your meals or beverages can provide the same benefits of consuming it as medicine or smoke on a lighter note. You might not get high from it, but it will buzz you just a bit, so expect to feel giddy after a few bites or sips.

20. Getting in the Kitchen

Level up to being a master chef (in marijuana at least) with products that will add some flavor and a twist to recipes you already love. Some popular ingredients you can find with cannabis include cooking oil, butter, and sweetener.

21. Bottoms Up!

Have a taste and feel of the buzz from weed with drinks like coffee, soda, juices, alcohol, and tea. Beverages like these are great to share friends or to have a stash of your own. Tea will usually be more effective than others if you want a more potent gulp of goodness.

22. Sweet Treats

It will be hard to tell if a chocolate bar or gummy bear had some marijuana in it, right? You can now indulge in desserts and snacks like cakes, cookies, brownies, and candy that contain some Mary Jane. Eating up cannabis in these forms will not have much of a buzz, but they sure are delicious!


If smoke is not your type of thing to do, there are so many fun and creative ways to enjoy marijuana for you to try out. From looking for the right remedy to a scrumptious snack, the possibilities are endless for what else we might discover and add up to the list. So head now to the nearest marijuana seed bank and give these safe and innovative activities and products a shot.

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