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What You Need To Start Your Grow

With marijuana getting legalized in a lot of states in countries all over the world, it has gained a lot of popularity and is now one of the most highly-demanded substances on the planet. At one point, there was even a shortage of weed in Canada due to its high demand there. That simply means that more and more people are now using this lovely plant to the point that the supply cannot keep up with the demand. As such, you might need to answer this question: What do you need to grow weed?

What that means for you is that you no longer have to rely on suppliers for your weed. In addition to how cannabis has been legalized for use, there are also places that allow private people to grow their own marijuana plants under certain restrictions and limitations. Growing your own weed at home will allow you to have a constant supply of marijuana buds so that you no longer have to rely on suppliers.

That said, you still have to ask yourself what do you need to grow weed because of how they might need special considerations compared to normal plants. To that end, we have compiled a checklist you might want to use when you are growing weed at home.

Grow area

When you are growing weed at home, you must have a grow area dedicated to your marijuana. That is because some marijuana plants need a space to call their own to grow properly. The grow area may differ depending on your own preferences. It can be an outdoor place that keeps your marijuana plants out of plain sight. Outdoor grow areas allow your cannabis to take in sunlight naturally and will have more space to grow. Meanwhile, you can also use special indoor grow areas such as grow tents. You can even dedicate an entire room in your house as a grow room for your plants. As long as you have a grow area, you are on your way to growing your own weed.

What do you need to grow weed?

Grow area necessities

Of course, if you have a grow area, there are necessities that are required for that grow area to function properly. If you are growing outdoors, you are cutting down the necessities because you are relying on nature to provide for your plants. But if you are growing indoors, you have to make sure you cover all of such necessities before you start growing your own weed at home. Some of these necessities include the following:

  • Grow lights that serve as the primary source of light or nutrients for your plants to grow properly. You can use LED, fluorescent, or HID as grow lights. These lights must be intense enough to provide both light and heat without burning off your plants. You also have to keep a strict light schedule, depending on the stage of your plants’ growth.
  • Fans are necessary to keep a constant flow of air in your grow area because oxygen is also an important part of growing weed. You need two types of fans: intake and exhaust. The purpose of the intake fans is to make sure that area has enough oxygen. Meanwhile, the exhaust fans release excess heat and CO2. The exhaust fans must be smaller than the intake fans so that they will only fan out excess heat and air.
  • The environment control allows you to control the growing conditions in the grow area. This may come in the form of a system that monitors temperature and humidity. As you probably already know, some strains need certain temperatures and humidity levels to grow properly. That is why you need a system that can allow you to control or monitor the climate in the grow room so that your weed plants can grow properly depending on their needs.

Grow system

A grow system in your grow area depends on choice. Most grow systems rely on soil because of how much affordable it is and how easier it is to set up since you will only be needing pots and soil for your individual marijuana plants. However, you can also use a hydroponics system that relies on a constant supply of water and nutrients that are fed directly to the roots of your weed plants. Hydroponics is much more expensive to maintain and can be a bit complicated, but it is more rewarding as it is known to result in higher yields.

Choosing containers

Containers are necessary if you are using a traditional system rather than hydroponics. It is important for you to choose a type of container because of how it is essential to the medium you are using. For example, super soil requires large nursery pots so that you can allow your plants to grow to large sizes. However, if you want to save money, you can use cloth bags that will allow the roots of the plants to easily absorb water and nutrients while also draining excess water in the process.

If you are using hydroponics, it is not necessary to use a container such as a pot, but net containers and clay pebble are important to keep the plants suspended and to make sure that there is something supporting their roots.

Nutrients, your plants’ food

Nutrients are the food that your cannabis plants need to grow properly. This usually comes in the form of special fertilizer that contains nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, the big three when it comes to growing marijuana plants. However, some nutrients such as calcium, iron, copper, and magnesium are also important but should be given at smaller quantities compared to nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

A watering system to rely on

Finally, we get to the water. Making sure your plants are well-hydrated is as important as any other necessity because of how water contains essential nutrients that marijuana needs to grow properly. Never ever let the soil in your marijuana plants dry off because this is an indication that it is not well-hydrated. At the same time, never water the plants too much to the point that the soil is flooded. Depending on how hot the climate conditions are, you may want to water your plants just enough to the point that the soil is damp but not flooded.

If you are using a hydroponics system, there is no need to worry about watering your plants because they are given a constant supply of water. You may, however, need to change the water used on a consistent basis because of how it might run out of nutrients that are fed directly to the roots of your plants or because of how it might get contaminated.


So, when answering the question of what do you need to grow weed, you simply have to refer to the checklist above. That pretty much covers everything you need to become a basic marijuana grower in the comforts of your own home.

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    1. Hi Raymond,

      Autos grow from seed to harvest in 11 -13 wks. they average 3 ft in height and start to flower on their own in 3-4 wks with 18/6 light schedule.

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