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Can’t decide which autoflowering marijuana strain is the best to grow? Why not try a pack of autoflowering mixed marijuana seeds; a pack of carefully-picked potent and viable seeds perfect for the beginner grower. This pack has seeds from different awesome strains that are also high-yielding and easy flowering auto strains.

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More About Autoflower Mixed Marijuana

Autoflower mixed marijuana is a pack of randomly selected and unlabeled autoflowering seeds from our product line. As one of the top seed banks in Canada, we do our best to offer a little bit of everything so that everyone is included. This time, we have decided to come up with a mix & match pack of the cream of the crop.

Our autoflowering feminized strains come in a wide variety of growing difficulties, characteristics, effects, and more. It is impossible not to find the right one for you, and there is nothing more exciting than surprising yourself with what buds you manage to reap come harvest time.

Once you open a bag of our mixed autoflowering feminized seeds, you may want to prepare for very easy to moderate growing. One thing is for sure, though, these are all flexible strains that can grow in both indoor and outdoor growing environments. Flowering time can vary a lot, but 9 weeks should be the longest, which is still relatively short.

These beauties also vary a lot in terms of genetics, but all of them come from either the Netherlands or Spain, which means they are nothing short of premium quality. In terms of THC content, they can be anywhere from low to high(10.85 % to 24 % to be exact). When it comes to yield, though, they do not vary that much. These plants can yield anywhere between 100 g and 250 g, and that still depends on whether they are grown indoors or outdoors.

Needless to say, these mix & match packs are for indecisive growers who either can’t decide on which autoflowering feminized strain to grow or just want to surprise themselves through the sheer variety that is coming their way.

25 reviews for Auto Feminized Mix Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Mark


    I have seven out of ten doing just fine. Various colors of fan leaves. My auto fems are all at least 30 inches with taller ones nearing 48. I have concerns that they are just started to look like they are flowering at nine weeks. They are so dense with foliage its a pleasure to just sit in my grow and savor the aroma when outside its below zero. I will patiently wait until flowering. Hope it’s soon!

  2. Avatar for G


    I have planted two different crops. Beechcrop with 8 to 10 seeds. I have had 95 and 98% success rate with germination. I have a lighthouse tent with a 400LED light system. The plants range from 24 inch to 36 inch in height and harvests three-quarter ounce to 1 1/4 ounce per plat. The plants have always butted in 4 to 6 weeks and harvest can be done at eight weeks but it is better to go 10 to 12 for maximum THC content. I must impress upon anyone who is trying to grow these the less you mess with them the better they grow. I just put my plants in miracle grow dirt and water 20 to 24 ounces on each plant per day the containers are about 1 gallon but that said the best thing that I found throw them in his paper bags. You must understand when you are growing auto flower. The less you mess with them the better. The soil to plant them in we’ll have enough fertilizer and nutrients to sustain them for the 10 weeks to 12 weeks. I have found that I have in dry weight after each planting approximately 1/2 pound the three-quarter pounds every three months. Larger pots, fertilizer, messing with the pH, did not change the harvest. The harvest is genetically set and there is not much you can do to increase what is going on in the short period of time that they have to grow. They are excellent for people who just want to get A different variety of smoke and all the different flavors. People state their complaint is they don’t not know what is in or what kind of seeds they are. I am an old hippie from the 60s and at this point my life it’s all about the taste and the quality of the high. Who cares about what kind it is.all I can say is if you’re thinking about picking up auto flower they’re great they’re fast and they’re not a whole lot of hassle.most anyone who wishes to offset the cost and door the hassle of getting your smoke this is the best way to do it. But the most important thing about growing your own is “do not let anyone know you are growing. Repeat do not let anyone know you are growing.” That all said I really enjoy the auto flowers , The different flavors and tastes and varieties are exciting to me. For me I have learned if you keep the proper lighting the proper watering and the proper ventilation and let them go you will end up being a happy camper with your harvest …. hang in there from the old guy from the 60s… I have learned growing good smoke is not brain surgery Let the scientist play with the seeds and let us enjoy the high

  3. Avatar for HappyHedgehogg


    I was bored last year (lol) so I bought a few autofem mix seeds. I dropped one in a homemade DWC tub and rigged it up under an early generation 90 watt LED UFO, about 3 feet above the plant… in my bathroom. I had grown a few times in soil, but I just wanted to see how hydro works. I hardly took care of her, and with very little light, that lady ended up giving me 1.5 oz of amazing, frosty, tasty, dried sativa bud!! I smoke Northern Cali medicals exclusively, and this was amazing… maybe because the genetics were a little bit different or something. And that seed just BLEW UP with very little care. Now, I have 12 plants going with proper lighting and ventilation, 3 from the CKS autofem mix. The CKS autofem plants have far tighter internodes and vigorous, healthy growth than the others from other breeders. If my LST goes well, I’m hoping to squeeze 1 oz. per plant out of those 12 plants in a 4×4. I know it’s a crazy number of plants in there, but I think I can squeeze 1 oz each, if I keep the CalMag flowin’ because of the LED’s. That would be lovely! All personal 🙂 My next grow will be all CKS, no doubt. I went ahead and set up a Bitcoin wallet so I can order easier in the US. Want to try Early Miss and one other next go-round.

  4. Avatar for Jaso


    Tired of hitting the street for decent bud, I am so pleased with these autos. Every one popped and has given me a decent yield. I need more in-depth descriptions so I can properly ID my plants and I will know what to specifically order next time. First time grower here. They were resilient while I dialed in the nutrition. They are easy to grow if you get a game plan and spend a few dollars on some decent equipment. It will all pay for itself! Thanks CK, I am having a blast with this whole process.

  5. Avatar for THC59


    Although you don’t know what seed is what you still know what you have. Grew them all outside and only one didn’t make it. They all give you a nice high but a couple put me in a deep zone. I’ll order AFM again for sure.

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