Gorilla Glue Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Gorilla Glue, also known as Gorilla Glue #1, is a popular choice among users looking for a strong and soothing high because it has a tremendous effect, even with a little puff. Due to its high THC content of up to 25%, expect a dense, black plant and high productivity throughout the session.

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Strain Profile Info

Type: 50% Indica 50% Sativa
Parents: Chocolate Diesel x Chem’s Sister x Sour Dubb
Flowering Time: 9-10 Weeks
Climate: Mediterranean Climate
Yield: 500-600 grams (Indoors) 700-800 grams (Outdoors)
Flavor: Sweet, Sour, Pine, Earthy, Pungent, Earthy, Cheese
THC Level: 25%
CBD Level: 0%
Height: Tall
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

Flowering indoors typically takes 9 to 10 weeks. This cannabis strain has the ideal ratio of 50% Sativa to 50% Indica. A simple plant to grow, Gorilla Glue Feminized Strain produces yields of about 500 grams. Gorilla Glue Feminized Strain is renowned for producing a lot of cannabis and shouldn’t be overlooked. This cannabis strain’s high concentration of resin glands makes it popular among producers of concentrates and hash and smokers who prefer heavy marijuana that induces euphoria and relaxation. Bring the best of nature to your doorstep with Crop King Seeds‘ Gorilla Glue Strain. Enjoy free shipping on orders over 200$, easy payments, and discreet delivery.

What is the Gorilla Glue Strain?

Gorilla Glue Feminized Strain is a hybrid of the three-way cross of Chocolate Diesel, Chem’s Sister, and Sour Dubb Strains. This 50/50 hybrid strain was developed by breeders and entered the cannabis market in the summer of 2016. You’ll get an immediate, intense, and enduring high when THC levels are high. This strain occasionally measures around 25% THC and develops a potent yet enticing aroma before it immediately hits you with its effects. It also contains enough Sativa to provide effects that are quite euphoric. Smokers will initially experience a head rush that gradually changes into a full-body sensation. Due to these calming characteristics, you will ultimately enter a “stoned” and lightly sedated state of mind.

Strain Effects

One of the most potent highs comes from Gorilla Glue Feminized Strains. In just one puff, you could experience a potent rush of bliss. Soon after, a flood of joy follows, blocking depression and tension in their tracks. The effects of Indica will start to take effect very quickly. This cannabis strain’s potency can numb your body and relax all your muscles, giving you the impression that you’re in a deep state of relaxation. Gorilla Glue Strains is the answer if you’re looking for a profoundly calming high that blocks stress, discomfort, and concern. Be ready for a night of soothing pleasure and a good night’s sleep by canceling your evening plans.

Strain Aroma, Flavor & Appearance

It is well known for having earthy and pungent qualities that many people compare to those of its sister strains. Given that it is one of the most potent cannabis strains, this variety’s flavor profile is exceptional. Your tongue will be covered in earthy smoke as heavy diesel and gassy flavor fill them, and you’ll experience a delicious, delicate citrus flavor with chocolate overtones. Gorilla Glue Strain forms huge, hefty buds covered in resin, making your hands sticky.

Growing Information on Gorilla Glue Strain

Gorilla Glue Feminized is a strain that can be grown outdoors and indoors. The cultivation of these seeds is relatively simple for the typical gardener. Although they can grow tall and require regular trimming and pruning to produce sufficient buds, plants are generally simple to manage, especially in Mediterranean climates. Keep this strain away from extreme rain or frost to get plants that flower in around 9 to 10 weeks. Gorilla Glue strain plants are huge in practically every manner, growing to 180 to 220 centimeters tall and yielding more than 600 grams per square meter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gorilla Glue Strain strong?

The extraordinarily potent 25% high THC content of this marijuana fuels a tremendous high that makes you feel like your mind is loaded with glue.

What adverse effects can be expected from this strain?

Gorilla Glue Feminized Strain only has minor side effects. You’re essentially struggling with dry eyes and a dry mouth. Users of this strain occasionally report having dry eyes or feeling lightheaded. When you intend to use any potent cannabis strain, you must eat something, hydrate yourself and maintain a balanced diet.

How does Gorilla Glue Strain make you feel?

You may experience sedation and sleepiness as a result of the effects of Gorilla Glue Strain. For people who want to get a good night’s sleep or need help with insomnia, this strain is ideal. Because of its potent effects, it’s a fantastic option for anyone with chronic pain or sleep issues.

3 reviews for Gorilla Glue Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Jake Trav

    Jake Trav

    I’d purchase it once more. Aromas and flavors are good, will be ordering other varieties. I love how discreet is their packaging is!!!! thumbs up!!! I’ll look for more similar variety of this strain Thanks CKS!

  2. Avatar for Levi Hearn

    Levi Hearn

    100% GERMINATED! They were simple and quick to develop. It is growing healthily in my back garden after ten weeks. This isn’t difficult for me to grow. Every puff provides me a deep sense of relaxation across my entire body. I’m going to give some of my buds to my aunt who has joint problems. It’ll be a hit with her! If you are a new smoker, be cautious about your smoking to avoid negative effects. Be responsible smokers, please! CKS never disappoints me with their high-quality services. Your money is not wasted here. You must buy your seeds here.

  3. Avatar for Stott


    Start enjoying this! extremely enticing. a well-balanced impact of a cheerful relaxed mood. I’m always up for a walk around the block or a jog. Yeheeeey..less of a hassle to plant and harvest in 9 weeks. sun exposure and proper airflow are essential. that’s all she needed, guys! keep that in mind. hehe I definitely suggest this variety because it makes a lot of buds (26 oz per crop) and green medium in size. a lot of fun, but it’s a little strong for a morning and night use. Though, with a sweet flavor, the one-of-a-kind cheesy pine aroma is excellent.

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