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Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

(4 customer reviews)

Strain Overview

Girl Scout Cookies as an autoflowering version is a strain with amazing characteristics, stable genetics, and a well-balanced strain. It offers a calming effect that’s great for smoking at night for a much-deserved peaceful sleep. GSC high is a slow and conquering high that will keep you immobile for a few hours. It is also great for pain, anxiety, and stress.

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More About Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower 

World Famous Herb Just Got Even Better

Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower is a marijuana royalty. Its high THC content is a cut above the rest. This well-balanced strain has a lot of desirable features that lure people into smoking this weed. With the addition of an auto-flowering strain, growers of this weed can now cultivate this strain all year round. Many of its attributes can be traced to its calming experience, which makes it a perfect weed to smoke at night.

Generally, this strain offers an extreme high that slowly melts the body into a state of immobility. This weed does have enough power to stimulate the mind and stir up a sense of well-being. This strain is normally consumed by people who have allowed illness to take over their lives. Its analgesic effect is great at stopping pain, while its stimulating effect makes for a great appetite booster. Tension in the muscle is also alleviated. If you find yourself struggling to relax, then Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower is the right option for you.

4 reviews for Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Daniel Graham

    Daniel Graham

    !st GROW: Planted 2/Soaked 12.5 hrs. in dechlorinated, aerated tap water./Planted direct to soil. 1st one sprouted in 2 days and started flower around week 2.5. 2nd one took 7 days. On day 4 I completely dug up the seed, exposed the seed day 5 and 6 and it still germinated. It started flower around week 3.5. The first one had amazing trichome coverage. Not sure about the taste….I smoked it to quickly after harvest. Got an ounce. The second one had AMAZING COLORS at harvest. Not sure what I did to get such good color out of the foilage. I wish I could attach a photo. Got around 40 grams from the second. Really nice taste. Really happy with GSC’s from Crop King.

  2. Avatar for Sean McElroy

    Sean McElroy

    Amazing!!!! My Girls scout cookies grew in 11 weeks. All seeds germinated. Grew in living soil with organic dry ammendments. They were big yeilding autos with amazing flavour profile and just caked with big frosty coating of trichomes!!!! Love it! Honestly one of the best!!

  3. Avatar for MDM


    Beautiful plant to grow! I totally annoyed my friends with pictures of this plants preflowers. 🙂
    Easy to grow too, even topped a couple and was pleased with the production. Better than the GSC I’ve EVER bought on the street!

  4. Avatar for IM Buddah

    IM Buddah

    I hood some nice plants

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