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Haze XL Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

Haze XL Autoflower is ideal for daytime use. It can fill your mind with amazing thoughts and positivity so you can function perfectly all day long. It is a strong sativa that will flower quickly but retains a small and compact size. It comes with an earthy, spicy, citrusy flavor that makes it a good recreational and medicinal strain.

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More About Haze XL Autoflower 

A Stimulating Morning Weed

Haze XL is already a legendary strain on its own. The cross between Jack Herer and Haze 2.0 resulted in cannabis that is perfect for daytime use. Its subtle high fills up the mind with positive thoughts and bursts of energy. The addition of a Ruderalis strain further strengthened the genetics of this Sativa strong weed. Growers will surely love the addition of this auto-flowering version of an already vigorous plant.

Apart from its euphoric high, this exotic smelling strain fills up your mouth with an earthy spicy flavor that leaves a strong citrus aftertaste. The good thing about this strain is that it is also used as a great pain medication. It also serves as your alternative to coffee due to its stimulating high. Gone are the days that you have to wait for coffee at the cafe when you can simply smoke this weed and enjoy the experience.

5 reviews for Haze XL Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Rob


    I really enjoyed working with Crop Kings. The service was incredible when I called for assistance on three separate occasions. I picked up a mixture of auto’s and photoperiod’s. The autos came out spectacular and I will be back to publicly rate the photoperiods in approximately 6 months. So far I really like working with them. Crop Kings is a very solid company thus far!

  2. Avatar for Herbalartist


    Very intense rush from the first toke with a short half-life. In other words, after a strong rush, my HXL mellows out to a comfortable speedy buzz after half an hour with a clean finish an hour after that. Very strong smell with thick buds, HXL gave me my biggest yield out of three strains. I did have to harvest early do to the threat of bud rot and a hurricane which gave me Pop to harvest in about 65 days, which gave me enough time for another grow (all outside). First round was in 15 gal felt pots, second in 5 gal plastic. I’ll let you know if there was a difference in yield come second harvest in October.

    I had a couple dumb questions which were readily answered by the CS team with minimal hold time.

    All in all, I could not be happier with my first grow.

  3. Avatar for Boston ron

    Boston ron

    Smooth transaction smooth shipping germinated all seeds perfectly this is my first ever run and now I’m hooked in week 7 and they are heavily crystalized and buds are almost doubling every night getting fatter and taller

  4. Avatar for Dave S

    Dave S

    8 weeks from sprout and its unbelievable ! A 3×3 tent filled to the brim with dense hand grenade sized buds DENSE with a heavy scent of 1970’s leaded gas and a sweet fruit. Basic LST from week 3 to 7. Sohum living soil HLG 225
    The goal was 1 gram per watt and Its going to happen. 1ST Grow of my AARP life 🙂
    Thanks Crop King Seeds !!!

  5. Avatar for Jack S

    Jack S

    Thank you Crop King for a smooth and easy transaction.
    From ordering to receiving the girls was one week with bonus seeds to boot!!
    Since I live in western Massachusetts, I won’t be germinating real soon. I’ll keep you posted
    On my results of the germination process. This will be my second auto flower grow and my first time
    With Haze XL. I’m pretty excited!!

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