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The parents of the sativa-dominant autoflowering cannabis strain known as Kali Girl strain are still a mystery. It blooms after 10 to 13 weeks and contains an average of 15 to 26%THC. The cannabis aficionado appreciated the flavor of this strain which is a blend of sweet and lemony taste with a bit of haze. This strain works best when consumed during the day, especially first thing in the morning, as it provides you an amazing rush of energy and makes you continually happy. Kali Girl Strain grows quickly and vigorously, with lush green leaves. The form is thicker and much more compact, but the buds are much less expanded.

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Strain Profile Info

Type: Sativa-dominant, Autoflowering
Parents: Unknown
Flowering Time: 10-13 Weeks
Climate: Warm/Mediterranean
Yield: 400 gr/m2
Flavor: Sweet, Haze, Citrus, Herbal
THC Level: 15 to 26%
CBD Level: Low
Height: 2-3 Ft
Harvest Period: September
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

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What is Kali Girl Strain?

A hybrid with a Sativa bias called Kali Girl strain is descended from unidentified genetic parents. It tastes strongly of sweetness and has a small amount of hazy flavor. The Kali Girl marijuana strain only blooms for 10–12 weeks, however despite flourishing in warm, dry climates and developing a highly compact structure with light green leaves, the buds are not elongate.

According to reports, Kali Girl Strain has a high THC content of 15%–26% and a low CBD content. Even if you are completely occupied with recreational effects throughout the day, Kali Girl auto marijuana can increase your stamina. She’ll make you feel joyful, which will improve your creative powers. The most sativa-dominant strain should not be used at night.

Strain Effects

The relaxing yet uplifting high that Kali Girl Marijuana strain can produce is what sets it apart from other strains. Customers can thus take flight and experience a joyful mood while still taking care of their everyday activities. This marijuana should be put in your pipe to make that frown go away. This sativa superstar is a real creeper, but it’s great for folks who want to remain attentive and productive all day.

Strain’s Flavor, Aroma & Appearance

Kali Girl strain has vibrant green leaves and grows fast and robustly. Although buds are not as lengthy, they have a more compact and solid structure. As we are discussing a sativa strain, Kali Girl weed strain has its unique flavors that cannabis aficionados adore; it has a sweet and pleasant taste with a hint of haze. The flavors vary according to various strains, whether Sativa or Indica. When exhaled, it has a faint citrus flavor and aroma with herbal undertones. Also, you would enjoy the flavor, which would make you desire another hit.

Growing Information of Kali Girl Strain

Kali Girl Autoflowering Strain is quickly overtaking other popular strains on the market. Intermediate growers prefer the Kali Girl Strain due to its quick 10–13 week flowering period, height of 60–90 cm, and high yields of curing buds. You may grow this strain outdoors or indoors.

For indoors, Kali Girl cannabis strains have a height limit of about 4 feet. The plant is suitable for any indoor setting and grows to a very low height indoors. It grows well when grown utilizing the Low-Stress Training (LST) and Screen of Green (ScrOG) techniques. The lengthier flowering period—up to 12 weeks—than with most other strains. It does, however, provide a respectable 450 grams per square meter.

When cultivated outside, this plant has a 10 foot height limit. So, there will be additional work to be done on regular upkeep, pruning, and trimming. You’ll need to account for the lengthy blossoming time, the beginning of the harvest season in November, and make sure the weather is warm and bright. By the time they are harvested, Kali Girl weed strains should produce 450 grams or more per plant.

Medical Benefits of Kali Girl Strain

The cerebral effects of the strain can be used as an alternative treatment for a variety of ailments. It is now possible to stop using synthetic medications that have unpleasant side effects. Its exhilaration can help people who are stressed, anxious, or depressed. It has a pain-relieving action that can lessen the source of physical discomforts like weariness. The strain’s enhanced concentration can be relied upon by people with hyperactivity, inattention and distractibility. Although its exact effects are unknown, the sedative effect may help people fall asleep more easily and deeply.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Strain is Kali Girl?

Although the genetic parents of the autoflowering, Sativa-dominant marijuana strain Kali Girl are yet unknown, it is a strong strain.

What is the average height of Kali Girl Strain?

Its height ranges from 60 to 90 centimeters and yields around 450g/m2 per plant.

What are the adverse effects expected from this strain?

If you’re not used to consuming cannabis with a high THC content and a genetic make-up that favors sativas, Kali Girl Strain may make you feel nervous. This strain might cause dry mouth and stinging eyes when smoked. It is strongly advised that you occasionally quench your thirst. Always be cautious when smoking cannabis and consider the benefits and drawbacks of each strain before taking it to prevent any harm or injury brought on by your ignorance.

2 reviews for Kali Girl Strain Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Valerie Hart

    Valerie Hart

    Very cost-effective! It’s easy to grow and has a tremendous yield. A plentiful harvest to satisfy me. It impressed me after only 71 days of care and lots of sunlight. Become a medium-sized plant as it grew. My infants have so much to offer. That buzz keeps me awake and upbeat. A pleasant, sweet flavor erupts from Kali Girl. provides me with sustained energy throughout the day. I began to concentrate on my work. It’s the ideal morning cigarette to lift my spirits. His friend gladly reported that it made him feel better when I let him try it. Goodbye, sadness; awesome, awesome, awesome! Recommended.

  2. Avatar for PatRickStaR


    Had no regrets purchasing this product! worth every penny 👍🏼👍🏼 Though, its quite challenging to grow but still its worth it if you’re a grower and a toker at the same time! Perfect strain for evening smoke and unwinding.

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