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One of the strongest autoflowers currently available, this miracle of modern breeding grows to incredible heights (about five feet tall), producing copious yields. The quick blooming time of this weed is one of its main advantages. It often thrives in a regulated environment and is extremely resistant to fungus and illnesses. Step up your growing game with Crop King Seeds and the legendary Magnum strain. With free shipping on orders 200$ and above, discreet shipping, and easy payment options, there’s no reason not to get started on your next grow today!

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Strain Profile Info

Strain Parents: Unknown
Strain Dominant: Sativa-dominant
Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks
CBD Content: Low
THC Content: 12-15%
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What is Magnum Strain?

Due to the deliberate concealment, cannabis enthusiasts had a lot of wild speculation, with many of them believing that one of the parents was either Haze or Jack Herer. It is well known that Magnum strain seeds are a three-way split of Indica, Sativa, and Ruderalis. As a consequence, the breeders created a superb, Sativa-dominant autoflowering hybrid. Magnum strain may be raised easily by any farmer with some growing knowledge. These cannabis seeds grow robust, sturdy plants that may thrive in any dependable environment. They have also been feminized, which makes growing even easier as your crop no longer needs to be deflowered.

Strain’s Flavor, Aroma & Appearance

Nobody really knows who the ancestors of the Magnum strain were, therefore it is impossible to determine how it gained its flowery and spicy aroma. It is pleasantly fragrant and usually enjoyable, with a taste reminiscent of citrus and pine. This strain’s taste is mostly sweet, although discriminating users may pick up a hint of spicy pepper. When inhaled, it leaves a warm, earthy taste in the mouth. Each Magnum strain flower has a creamy texture and a lime green appearance. Magnum Strain Autoflower marijuana has an improved overall look thanks to the fox-tailed calyxes. Next, a thick layer of sticky frost is liberally applied to the Magnum strain.

Growing Information of Magnum Strain

Magnum Autoflower (MG) is one of the strains that is simplest to produce at home because of its simple needs. Among other things, it never grows too tall, making it easy to handle in any given place. It is resistant to insects and fungi and does not require a change in the light cycle to reach the flowering stage, in contrast to photoperiod strains. Most notably, it has a brief lifetime due to its Ruderalis genes, enabling producers to receive a rapid return on their investment. With this strain, aggressive training is not required. Traditional topping or fimming techniques are not usually essential to assure a bumper harvest due to their high producing nature. Also, it frequently wants to be left alone since it lacks the time and energy to handle the stress brought on by such developing procedures. The best course of action is to plant the seedling directly into its final pot without the need for repotting. As it grows, the plant will simultaneously extend upward and outward. While being slightly bigger than other autoflowering strains, its size is what contributes to its higher-than-average production. As is characteristic of Sativas, the buds will be puffy and crumby. Their hazy green surface will be dotted with amber pistils and coated in very fine trichomes. The nugs’ appearance is often nondescript. They do, however, emit a flavorful, lingering aroma that is mouthwateringly sweet and spicy.

Magnum Strain autoflower is one of the most potent, easy-to-grow, and strong non-photoperiod strains currently available. The hybrid has a built-in resistance to most cannabis fungi, diseases, and pests. It is also a feminized cultivar that responds well to environmental stressors, greatly lowering the development of male plants and hermaphrodites. Under a covering of light amber trichomes, Magnum strain autoflower grows buds that have a pale, slightly dusty look. The absence of bag appeal is more than made up for when you unwind and enjoy the pleasure that this plant gives. This autoflowering strain thrives in the majority of controlled environments and outdoors, making them simple to cultivate by any gardener with at least intermediate expertise. These plants may be challenging for indoor gardeners due to their five-foot height. To address this challenge, use a Sea of Green (SOG) or Screen of Green (ScrOG) design to inhibit vertical growth and promote lateral development. Magnum strain autoflower provides its greatest results when subjected to a 20/4 light cycle using grow lights with a minimum output of 600W. Indoor growers may anticipate a yield of 12–14 oz./m2 of potent nugs during a 56–63 day blooming cycle with the least amount of care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a beginner grow Magnum Autoflower?

Any mistake might be fatal when growing an autoflowering variety, such as autoflower Magnum seeds. However, growing these plants is simply provided you have a basic understanding of gardening. Autoflower Magnum seeds grow into strong, five-foot-tall Sativa-heavy plants in almost any environment. They have remarkable resistance to most common cannabis pests, diseases, and mildew. Moreover, the hybrid is feminized, which eliminates the need to sex your crop and streamlines the growing process even more. The indoor cultivation of these marijuana seeds requires the use of a SOG or ScrOG system. As these training techniques promote lateral expansion while discouraging vertical development, you have control over how tall your plants grow.

What is the flowering time of Magnum Autoflower cannabis?

When grown indoors, Magnum autoflower seeds produce 12–14 oz./m2 of sticky marijuana following an 8–9 week flowering phase. Outdoor growers should anticipate obtaining between 2.8 and 5.3 oz./plant of fragrant buds after nearly four months of development.

What is the average height of Magnum Autoflower cannabis plants?

Magnum autoflower seeds produce crops with a substantial genetic Sativa bias. When allowed unlimited vertical space, they develop into medium-sized plants that are generally five feet tall and have exceptional branch development. They are also very resistant to the diseases, fungi, and pests that affect cannabis, which makes their production quite straightforward.

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  1. Avatar for Frank Cannella

    Frank Cannella

    Ordered the seeds on a Friday and received them Monday morning! Crop King Seeds gives excellent service! Some may think the $20 shipping fee is excessive, but other firms take 2+ months to ship your seeds 🙁 Pay the $20 dollars and know you will receive your order in a timely and secure way. Thank You Crop King Seeds

  2. Avatar for Bobby Lewis

    Bobby Lewis

    I experience a great adventure when I grow this Magnum Autoflower. This plant has shown the best features of a healthy plant. Thank you for this quality product. So far, I have now a 40 inches in height of a plant. Proud grower here. Satisfied customer!

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