Northern Mango Strain Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

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A tasty and tropical strain, Northern Mango has a lot to offer in terms of both its traits and its special effects. This autoflowering weed strain with a predominance of Indica was produced by crossing the Strawberry, Northern Lights, and Big Bang Auto strains. As a result, a strain with a quick growing time and a delectable, rich, fruity scent was created. It also generates fair and high-quality harvests while growing quickly and effectively. Like its ancestor, Northern Mango Auto is a unique variety deserving of its renowned history.

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Strain Profile Info

Type: Indica dominant
Parents: Mango x Northern Lights x Big Bang Auto
Flowering Time: 9-10 weeks
Climate: Warm/Temperate/Cold
Yield: 200-300g
Flavor: Fruity, Sweet, Mango, Tropical, Earthy
THC Level: 15%
CBD Level: Unknown
Height: 60-100 cm
Harvest Period: May/July
Growing Difficulty: Easy

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What is Northern Mango Strain?

The Northern Light, Mango, and Big Bang strains of marijuana were crossed to create this Indica-dominant variety. With a 15% THC content, this plant is about average in potency. Fruity, acidic smells, and scents accompany the strain’s extremely potent and protracted stoner effect. Thanks to prize-winning genetics, this herb is renowned for being well-rounded and producing outcomes appropriate for recreational and medicinal use. It has also kept many mouthwatering flavors from the original strain, which are incredibly pleasing to the senses. The Northern Mango strain is excellent not just for recreational use but also for therapeutic purposes. This strain is simple to grow, making it perfect for beginners in the hobby. It has a short flowering period and a potent fruity scent.

Strain Effects

This strain is a great choice for a daytime strain because it is energetic and stimulates creativity. The entire body is then soothed as the stone changes into a full-body stone. The plant has a middle-of-the-road potency with a 15% THC content. On the other hand, the strain produces a pleasant high with lingering effects. It starts with a cognitively and emotionally invigorating buzz that is initially calming but quickly develops into an upbeat mood.

Strain’s Flavor, Aroma & Appearance

The Northern Mango strain has a highly exotic and tropical flavor and fragrance profile. Unquestionably, the strain smells sweet and delicious, like fresh mango, and has rich fruity notes accented by herbal, earthy undertones. Its aromas, which closely resemble those of genuine mangoes with fruity undertones and a tropical atmosphere, seem to be particularly alluring to customers. The plant is Indica-shaped, growing small yet bushy and producing large, dense, and strong buds.

Growing Information of Northern Mango Strain

The Northern Mango weed strain develops quickly into a robust plant with long branches, thick buds, and dark green leaves encircled by orange calyxes covered in sugary white trichomes. It is also fairly simple to grow in any setting. The plants may be able to yield as much as 200-300g/m2 in 9 to 10 weeks.

When growing inside, plants demand a temperature of at least 10 degrees Celsius and ideal humidity levels. The plants can be cultivated using either the Screen of Green (SCRoG) approach to limit their height or the Sea of Green (SoG) technique to boost bud production.  When grown outside, give the plants space to develop naturally, and they will provide between 60 and 80g of fruit per plant in about 7-9 weeks. For best growth, put this plant in a warm, dry location with unobstructed sunlight.

Medical Benefits of Northern Mango Strain

Northern Mango strain seeds are a treat thanks to their average THC content; as a result, it is a strain that both new and seasoned cannabis users can appreciate. Despite the absence of CBD, it is adored for its outstanding sedative and recreational effects and can even tout its therapeutic advantages. Its Indica-leaning effects produce a calming physical high that can help calm the body. At the same time, its cerebral benefits encourage a clear mind devoid of unfavorable ideas and help manage anxiety, depression, and even Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms. It functions as a natural analgesic in a way that soothes chronic pain, physical aches, and tension. This Indica-dominant combination is well known for its intense couchlock and full-body relaxation, with restful sleep as the most likely side effect—ideal for those who struggle with insomnia.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Northern Mango Autoflower?

It is a tasty and tropical strain, Northern Mango Auto has much to offer in terms of its traits and special effects.

What adverse effects are expected with the Northern Mango Strain?

This strain can cause dry mouth, itchy eyes, and dry eyes. But, if you drink a lot of water, these problems will go away immediately. However, ingesting this strain in excess of the authorized dosage might have more serious side effects like headaches, dizziness, panic attacks, increased anxiety, hallucinations, and paranoia.

What are the common benefits of this strain?

It can improve mood, focus, and creativity as well as reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. You will then experience a modest level of sedation. All of these positive traits can alleviate discomfort and insomnia.

2 reviews for Northern Mango Strain Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Ruby Sheffield

    Ruby Sheffield

    This plant was grown outside and harvested in 68 days, making it lovely, sweet, and simple. harvests with a 150–250 gram yield per plant. Omg! I experience a lot of misery, and Northern mango helps me unwind. I keep buying it possibly because of it. High energy inspires! This pot inspired me to spend a lot of time on the violin. It did not let me down, and I intend to keep improving. It is perfect for unwinding and catching up with friends. A real pleasure!

  2. Avatar for stephen smith

    stephen smith

    Im so amazed by the results!! my harvests are good quality I can say! 👍 Told myself that I’d leave a review once I have grown my own! ALSO, the customers service are great! got mine with discreet delivery.

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