Super Silver Haze Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

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Incorporating a Ruderalis strain guarantees that this marijuana will thrive whether it is grown outdoors or indoors. You can use this citrus, earthy, spicy, and sweet-flavored strain. Don’t miss out on the chance to grow the iconic Super Silver Haze from Crop King Seeds. With free shipping on orders 200$ and above, it’s never been easier to get your hands on high-quality seeds.

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Strain Profile Info

Type: Sativa
Parents: Skunk x Northern Lights x Haze
Flowering Time: 70-77 days
Climate: Tropical, Subtropical, Temperate
Yield: 170g
Flavor: Spicy Herb, Sour
THC Level: 21%
CBD Level: Low
Height: 80-120cm
Harvest Period: 70-85 days
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

What is Super Silver Haze?

It was the outcome of the Northern Lights, Skunk#1, and Haze hybrids’ successful cross, which is known to produce the best Indica effect. This variety is an easy to grow plant that is very resistant to any molds and pests. Super Silver Haze, often known as “SSH” or “SS Haze,” is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain that was produced by crossing the iconic Skunk X Northern Lights X Haze. It contains 80% Sativa and 20% Indica.

Strain’s Flavor, Aroma & Appearance

This flower exudes a strong, acidic, citrus flavor with a traditional peppery, herbal flavor. Together with sour citrus and spicy herbs, the aroma begins to take on a skunky quality. The Super Silver Haze buds feature a thick frosty coating of tiny silvery white crystal trichomes and fluffy, airy popcorn-shaped bright green nugs with orange hairs. Super Silver Haze has a distinctive flavor profile with notes of citrus, skunk, and spice. After smoking a bowl of flowers, you’ll still taste lemon overtones.

Growing Information of Super Silver Haze

It only grows to a height of 80 to 110 cm because of its Haze genotype, which makes it perfect for growing inside. It is unlikely to break a great yield record with a yield of at least 300 grams of buds per square meter, but the high-quality strain comes first. While you may anticipate a yield of at least 170 grams of each plant if you opt to grow this auto-flowering variety outdoors. Before this Super Silver Haze achieves full maturity, growing it might require additional patience. A good crop typically takes 70 to 85 days to mature from seed. The strain blooms for 70–77 days, growing tall with long branches, bright green leaves, and both white and orange stigma hairs. According to other sources, the outdoor harvest occurs in the Northern Hemisphere about mid-October and in the Southern Hemisphere around mid-April. Additionally, it suggests Low-Stress Training (LST) and Screen of Green (ScrOG) for indoor growing as well as equatorial, tropical, subtropical, and temperate temperatures for outdoor growing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Super Silver Haze strong?

A strain having a strong impact that is Sativa-dominant. Winner of several awards with a spicy and sweet scent.

Is Super Silver Haze a Sativa or Indica?

Super Silver Haze has been the standard for what it means to have a Sativa experience for more than 20 years. SSH’s citrus-pine aroma and spice overtones signal a mood-lifting mental voyage that can be productive, creative, or just plain fun. It is energizing, boosting, and concentrated while also physically soothing.

What is Super Silver Haze?

Cannabis of the Sativa variety, Super Silver Haze. In 1997, 1998, and 1999, it took home the first place trophy at the High Times Cannabis Cup. Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze are crossed to produce Super Silver Haze, a stunning, sticky strain with a powerful, long-lasting body high.

3 reviews for Super Silver Haze Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Dev G

    Dev G

    Germinated 2 days planted it in soil and 2 days later it just spouted, very happy on how fast it delivered and the instructions were simple def gonna be ordering through this company

  2. Avatar for Chris


    Is the thc on feminized and autoflower the same on both super silver haze also is the grow time the same

  3. Avatar for William Caulfield

    William Caulfield

    Super Silver Haze, just like a Super power strain. Remarkable and has a very good effect to me. Those depressive thoughts are gone and make me happy all the time. Despite full activities at the day, this one can give you energy while your mind is relaxed. It makes you a Good thinker. Anyone will love it! Excellent product!

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