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Tangerine Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

Tangerine Autoflower is a sativa dominant strain that is potent as it is mysterious. It has a high THC and is a very potent strain. Users will enjoy a totally relaxing strain with amazing recreational and medicinal effects. It can also help deal with pain, anxiety, stress, depression, and poor appetite.

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More About Tangerine Autoflower

The Rising Star

Tangerine Autoflower is still quite new to the world of cannabis. This Sativa dominant strain's potential has not been studied that much hence there is little information aside from its basic capabilities. While it is still shrouded in mystery, what we know is that this herb is full of potential. From its effects down to its therapeutic value, Tangerine Autoflower is a great addition to the marijuana family.

The elevated levels of THC on this strain serve as a reminder that this is a very potent weed. When smoked, users will feel a sense of deep relaxing effects on the mind. The sedative properties of this strain become more pronounced. Meanwhile, as the effects build-up, the user is sent to a euphoric state.

With its fruity flavor and aroma, this unique brand of cannabis will surely fill the room with a tropical scent. Considering the amount of potential this strain has, any grower should know that planting this hybrid should be a top priority.

4 reviews for Tangerine Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Billie


    Fast delivery and excellent genetics.

  2. Avatar for Dorisa


    Rolled it. Took a one simple toke to test what I read about its potency. Holy crow! One toke hit fast and fun! Handled joint pain swiftly and had me enjoying myself, listening to music and engaged with long procrastinated-upon organization of my kitchen (hahaha). Re-ordering this one!

  3. Avatar for Nick


    Gave me 5 ounces dry with 4 plants in exactly 10 weeks. Only my second crop so I could probably do better. The smell was not really intense in the cave except the last week 1/2 which is great for neighbours as I have an open grow room in basement. I did split them once to reduce the eight. Had some nice colas out of it. Using 2 sunrise 1000w lamp. A little training and defoliation seemed to help.

  4. Avatar for Joël Lafrenière

    Joël Lafrenière

    Big plants …potent as f###..really big for an auto…Grow it organic got beautifull results…mine turn purple…Grown outdoor

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