Cheese Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Strain Overview

Pungent, strong and irresistible, those are words that best describe Cheese Autoflower strain. This is a very potent autoflowering strain that will enhance your mood, calm your body, and keep you happy. It grows moderately easy and will give you the best harvests as long as you follow its growing needs.

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Additional Information

More About Cheese Autoflower 

An Acquired Tasty Treat

Ever had a blunt that smelled like something had died, yet it still tasted so good that you want more? If that's the case, you might have just tasted Cheese. One of the most iconic strains in the world, this pungent-smelling, and eye-popping strain is one for the books. You have not smoked weed until you have tasted Cheese. Smelling the weed alone is good that you can immediately tell that it is Cheese.

Cheese Autoflower, on the other hand, is the auto-flowering version of the plant. Growers will have all the fun cultivating this smelly strain due to its abundance of yield. Tokers will soon realize that this pungent strain is also a potent herb. The high lets you soar to another level. It helps elevate the mood and gets you to a place where you feel bliss. After a few moments, you can feel your body feel much lighter and heavier all at the same time. Your shoulders soon relax, and you end up melting away on your couch.

Medically speaking, one might pass on smoking this strain because its smell might be offending; however, if you can push through the aroma and the smoke, it is known to alleviate different physical pain. It will take time to get to familiarize Cheese but, once you do, it will reward you with all of its great effects.


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