Original Cheese Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

Original Cheese is a heavy-hitter that creates high amounts of resin. It has a classic flavor that’s common in Cheese, pungent, and very tasty. It has a balanced and cerebral buzz that can flower faster in just 8 to 9 weeks with moderate THC. It can produce more yields even with very little effort.

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More About Original Cheese (fem)

Easy For You to Grow

This Original Cheese (fem) can be just so easier for you to grow as compared to other strains. This is why it is loved by many growers out there. This is a heavy seed that is coated in a resin material. This creates out a classic and vintage flavor that is common among the Cheese strains.

Expect only from it a balanced and cerebral buzz. Its softening effect in the body makes it more divine. It takes up about eight to ten weeks for it to finally bloom into a flower. Its THC level, which you need to know prior to growing it, is between 15 to 18 percent. It comes with its fruity aromas and strong and vintage cheddar flavor.

Its physical characteristics include serrated and dark green fan leaves along with sage-green flowers and sugar-leaves. They bloom along with their blond pistils. It produces a yield of 400 to 500 grams/m2. The flowering time takes up about fifty-six days.

5 reviews for Original Cheese Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for M. Hester

    M. Hester

    I received the seeds in good condition and complete. I’m not an experienced grower yet, quite new to this world but when i decided to try Original Cheese since i loved cheesy foods. Indeed, a good one! no regrets and so glad I made the right choice. This hybrid strain will show you both world of happiness and calmness. For about 6-8weeks of nurture, start to enjoy her great yields and amazing effect that takes away depression and pain from arthritis. She uplift positive vibes and enhance creativity. After that high hit, the relaxing sensation starts to flow from my mind going down to my body. While appreciating her effect, you’ll fall in love with her sweet cheesy and sour taste with a strong scent, then when vapor touches the tongue feel the fruity hint. Thumbs up, Must try!

  2. Avatar for L. Strub

    L. Strub

    great plant to make your buddies envious!.Original Cheese is easy to nurture,gives a high yields. novice growers must try this to their garden. she has a dense foliage of green leaves.During her 8 weeks of flowering, she needs consistent sunlight to attain huge harvest. puff it til you’ll hit that high, this is a high relaxing buzz that lead you into daydreaming,then continue giving your mind creative ideas..slowly feel that light in the body,get ready for the couch time!. for new users be mindful,large doses will punch you hard,dry mouth and red eyes happens..she can fill the air with her cheesy smell,and strong sweet sour taste when smoke. A must-try for all breeders!.

  3. Avatar for L. Mcdaniel

    L. Mcdaniel

    good customer service!..cheeessy lover will surely loved this. just right for beginners so easy to grow and nurture. I cultivate her in my lawn. Now grows well for 8weeks flowering time,already produces thick round buds with small calyxes. develops the wide,green leaves and many side branches. to harvest a high yield must exposed it to sunlight,and be satisfied to have 600gr/plant..when i smoked, notice a sweet fruity taste and strong sour cheesy smell, that was fulfilling..after the first hit, she strike my mind floating in the air lol creative ideas will pop up and i become more focus at work,keep worries away as well..also she tends you to feel lazy and hunger attack. a good night puff!..

  4. Avatar for Paris T.

    Paris T.

    Pungently cheesy and dreamy! I could say that this strain can be sensitive like needing a consistent temperature around 75°F and etc. But it can be simple to grow in a controlled environment indoors. I just followed the instructions and practiced proper care and you could achieve a massive harvest as I did. Besides that, smoking this strain is the best! This is my circle’s fave strain when we hang out and chatting seems to feel endlessly fun. The couchlock is very relaxing also and at its peak, you’re in a dreamlike state. You should definitely try this out with your buddies!

  5. Avatar for Maxine Mock

    Maxine Mock

    Original Cheese is very easy to grown perfect for newbie growers like me. I like the look of this strain because its resin is coated with tiny hair. The aroma ag taste is very vintage what I love the most. The effects are very strong and very relaxing. Love this strain!!!

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