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Sativa Star is a feminized strain for advanced growers, great for outdoor and indoor settings. Its tall plant height makes it ideal for outdoor gardens and indoor grows with plenty of head height, and with enough space will provide a very high yield. As the name implies, Sativa Star will provide a long-lasting sativa effect with a cerebral high and is great for reducing stress and anxiety.

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More About Sativa Star Feminized Marijuana

Sativa Star feminized marijuana is almost completely Sativa, at 90%. It has quite a long flowering time, reaching up to 14 weeks, but you can expect bountiful yields at harvest time. The yield can reach up to 350 grams indoors, and 600 grams when grown outdoors. Whether you grow indoors or out, this plant requires lots of head height to get the maximum yield. These plants exhibit tall, thin, and narrow leaves, with a lighter shade of green compared to their indica counterparts.

The THC content of Sativa Star can reach up to 22.60% but does not have overwhelming psychedelic effects. Instead, this strain does what great Sativa is meant to do, making the consumer feel more creative, energetic, and provides a big boost in mood. A great strain to diminishing depression and anxiety, one puff of this will have you reaching for your guitar or starting a conversation with a stranger. If you’re looking for the ultimate Sativa, look no further than Sativa Star.

35 reviews for Sativa Star Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Robb


    I bought a 10 pack. I tried germinating just 4 with themethod crop king says to use. All 4 sprouted transferred fine. They are growing nice and tall but with my training method they are brushing out nice. Just flipped the lights to flower 5 days ago. So far i am impressed with the outcome of all ofthe seeds we got from here. Still watching the green crack indoor and we got some of yheir skunk regulars. We pulled a Male out of 4 3 are female.

  2. Avatar for Surfbumcalif


    Purchased Cali OG Kush Haze seeds back in June. 3 of 3 germinated, sprouted and have grown to 9’ tall in a greenhouse. 5 gallon soil containers with Advanced Nutrients (Micro, Grow, Bloom and Big Bud) solutions added daily. Plants are in week 4 of flowering stage with multiple colas extending more than 12” and currently 3” diameters. Beautiful sturdy plants with frosty buds. Big harvest anticipated soon. Planted along with Sativa Star strain. 2/3 sprouted and these are definitely Sativa. Tall , light green, skinny leaves and after 14 weeks just now entering flowering stage. Huge plants, more than 10 ft. 6 ft in diameter. Still another 6-8 weeks to go.

  3. Avatar for Joseph Smith

    Joseph Smith

    100% successful germination rate grew fast very tall just like sativa supposed to be. She likes her pH high and alot of food. On week 4 of flower 10 to go.

  4. Avatar for Drew


    Bought the 10 pack and got 100% Germ rate. I planted these in late March in 10 gallon fabric pots using Fox Farms OF for soil. These plants are monsters, I lost two to an effing cat and the remaining 8 are absolutely beasts. I was worried about he “master” level experience stated but rolled the dice as these were my only plants this year. All plants are 9’ to 11’ and I am only now starting to harvest 10/26. Yeah, they go on forever, sho no trichomes until 8-9 weeks into flower!!?? I’ve thought they were junk plants 3 different times but they really filled out in the last 2-3 weeks. I brought a few of the smaller buds in last week, dried them out and decided to smoke last night despite the bud appearance looking like crap. But….wow. Floored by how strong these weak looking airy buds really are and am now e cited about the huge colas that have formed on the top 4-5 branches. This has been an outdoor grow, SE United States and aside from a lot of sun, a little water an a few good bites along the way…they do very well with little interaction. Patience is the key skill needed for these…true sativa traits. You will need to tie them up to stop them from breaking under the weight and when it rains….I lost two colas like that a week ago.

  5. Avatar for Marc


    Don’t know yet, but very optimistic. CKS is mostly what I grow. I have tried many that are easier to germinate, easier to grow, more forgiving of me being a little lazy… Ect. None give me the end results of CKS genetics. The only indica I grow now is PK, strongest, biggest yields that taste like grape koolaid…so far Cali og/haze and xtreme haze have been my sativas, good end results, high THC, tight hard nugs. Cali tastes like cotton candy. Always looking for that more extreme sativa. I suspect this might be the “one”!

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