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Sour Jack Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

Two famous strains, Sour Diesel and Jack Herer, came together to create our Sour Jack. 70% sativa and 30% indica, Crop King Seed’s Sour Jack is an interesting hybrid. Uplifting in spirit and body, it also has a very strong body buzz, and can easily put you on the couch.

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More About Sour Jack Feminized

Sour Jack feminized marijuana possesses an effect that focuses mainly on body buzz. An easy grow, it will thrive both indoors and outdoors. The estimated flowering time for our Sour Jack is 9 weeks, with a yield as heavy as its effects. Indoors, this strain can produce up to 500 grams, whereas outdoors, this plant yields up to 300 grams of fat, dense buds covered from bottom to tip with tempting crystals. Sour Jack has better yields inside as the grower has full control of the cannabis plant and its environment.

The THC level of Sour Jack can be anywhere between moderate to high usually maxing out at 16.75%. The effect is an intense body high, although it does strike a balance between calming and soothing versus clear-headedness and euphoria. Its body relaxing high is one of the reasons that Sour Jack strain is often cultivated and used for those who suffer from body pain and other ailments.

Sour Jack feminized marijuana is recommended for those who like to get a balanced dose of the energetic effect from Sour Diesel and the unique calming properties of Jack Herer. This is the perfect smoke for anyone, especially those who wish to relax after a tiring day or week at work. Just a little whiff of this wonderful plant will make your next few hours totally pleasant while your mind remains clear and ready for interactions. This strain is also recommended for those who aim to have something to turn to when experiencing mild body aches or discomfort.

12 reviews for Sour Jack Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Mezey Márkó

    Mezey Márkó

    Excellent! I love the smell of Sour Jack and its aroma. I am satisfied on how she grew and everything went well. Its really recommended seed.!

  2. Avatar for Ronald Martinez

    Ronald Martinez

    Plant grew great and got very big for me. Next time I would use a bigger pot for a long veg. She’s got a diesel smell and smoking she tastes like cheese and diesel. The taste is very much a love it or hate it, not a lot of sitting on the fence as it’s fairly distinct.

  3. Avatar for Steven Martin

    Steven Martin

    My Sour Jack is medium size plant. I tried everything and she just seemed to want to grow at her own pace. Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with the yield. Love the fuel smell and it has a really nice high. I over dried a bit. It’s a recommended strain for new growers.

  4. Avatar for Kenneth Harris

    Kenneth Harris

    I’m very impressed with how she’s grown easily and cropped out and yields very nice! The buds were mostly small with a lot of orange hairs and are dense. She definitely a Sativa, nice clean/clear headed on her and she goes well with simple tasks.

  5. Avatar for Mark Anthony

    Mark Anthony

    She grew well and was super easy to care for. It grew as I expected and I used a different flowering timeline in consideration to my environment. Somewhat sensitive to nutrients, it would show signs before other strains. The resin had a fantastic fuel aroma and I love it! I really enjoyed the Sour Diesel aspects more than the Jack Herer aspects. I would purchase this strain again. It is a recommended strain.

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