Critical Fast Bud Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Strain Overview

Critical Fast Bud Autoflower is a strain with fast-flowering and quick harvests. It is perfect for growing and harvesting throughout the year. It can give you high yields and is perfect for all kinds of growers, beginners, or expert ones. It is ideal for the relief of pain, stress, anxiety, and various digestive problems.

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5 Seeds Pack


10 Seeds Pack


25 Seeds Pack


Additional Information

More About Critical Fast Bud Autoflower 

A Beginner's Strain For Proper Cultivation

There are marijuana strains made for the experience, and there are other strains that are made for medical purposes. Cannabis has always been known to induce psychoactive effects, but many overlook its medical value. There are a lot of studies that point to cannabis as a medical herb with tons of potential for healing. Critical Fast Bud Autoflower is one of them. This hybrid strain assures a fast-acting effect that patients with different conditions can take advantage of. Its moderate THC content has great medical properties that alleviate pain and suffering from anyone who smokes this weed.

Now, there is one problem. How does one create a steady supply of this cannabis all year round? Critical Fast Bud Autoflower is a fast flowering strain that you can cultivate, grow, and harvest at any time of the year. With its rapid growth rate, you can easily reach high amounts of yield and supply your regular customers with this medical marijuana. Growing this weed is an excellent choice for beginners.


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