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Discover The Best Marijuana Strains For Sale In Crop King Seeds

Discover The Best Marijuana Strains For Sale In Crop King Seeds

Finding the best marijuana strains can be overwhelming as there are over 14, 000 strains to choose from? Yes, you are reading it right …

Fourteen Thousand plus and counting as new strains are being introduced yearly by breeders from around the world.

One might ask, why are there so many? There are several reasons why, but one is because there are so many professional growers who are dedicated to experimenting with hybrid combinations.

Growers are discovering new strains as they study and experiment with marijuana cultivation. Every new strain developed differently providing its own unique compound ratios. With continued research and experimentation, more effective treatment options are discovered.

New strains are created from Indica, Sativa and hybrid varieties; it becomes difficult to establish the concrete number of strains existing today. To make it less confusing, we will give a rundown of the best marijuana strains you can buy today. Another point to keep in mind is the effects of the following strains. Indica weed strains are for relaxing while sativa gives out an energy pump for your day.

Here’s the thing:

Your best might not be the “best” for others as it depends on your preferences. You might like the couch-locked effects of Indica and your friend might like the active effects of Sativa.

However, we can recommend the “Best Marijuana Strains” based on what our customers have to say. We have been in the cannabis seeds business for quite some time now and we have thousands of customers who have been buying from us.

If you are looking for the best strains to choose from, then we can recommend you our customers’ favorites.

Lists of Best Marijuana Strains And Its Effects

Bubba Kush

It is an Indica dominant from the classic Kush strain. One of the most widely known strains is necessary to try. It has a THC level of 17.79% and CBD content of 1.20%. Bubba Kush is a hybrid strain from the Classic Bubble Gum and the Original Kush. The effect of this strain sums up as a relaxing full-body high. Bubba Kush never fails to relax both mind and body. Medical patients love this strain for the remedy of various kinds of pain and those who have insomnia.


It is another Indica dominant strain that originated in Canada. This strain came all the way from the mountainous regions of Afghanistan bringing along a euphoric and relaxing effect. It also contains 19.18% THC and 0.99% CBD which is good in body buzz that makes you feel relaxed.

Blue Cookies

It is a hybrid strain from two favorites, the Girl Scout Cookies, and Blueberry. Known for its amazing taste and smell, Blue Cookies has a whopping 20.29% THC and 0.32% CBD. This strain delivers a crushing hit of euphoria and swiftly sinks down to make your mind and body feel relaxed.

Sour Diesel

It also is an extremely popular strain with unique citrus, fruity diesel-like smell. It has an 18.50% THC that gives a “straight to the head” effect. It kicks in almost immediately, one reason that it has gone so popular among users. This strain is Sativa-dominant and a pleasure to have around.


It is another indica dominant classic strain that has won a Cannabis Cup Award and knows as the most commonly used marijuana strains for medicinal purposes. Many people use this strain for its relaxation and pain-relieving properties. It has a high level of THC at 20.33% and truly a must-try.

These strains are some of the best that are readily available in the market today. If you are a newbie grower, get hold of these strains that are perfect to have in your weed garden.

Crop King Seeds offer marijuana seeds that are guaranteed germinated for the strains you see above. 

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  1. I tried cbd products for the treatment of the first term pattern week, and I’m genuinely surprised before the results. I’ve struggled with nervousness and incidental sleeplessness, and CBD seemed to offer a subtle, despite everything noticeable, have of stillness and relaxation. There was no ‘high,’ no more than a unruffled easing of my anxiety symptoms and a more tranquillizing night’s sleep. It tasted a fraction dirty, but that’s a small trade-off looking for understanding more at peace. I’m looking advance to seeing how it helps in the long run.

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