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Best soil for growing marijuana

Simple Grower’s Guide: What Is The Best Soil for Growing Marijuana

If you’re a first-time or skilled marijuana grower,  you will start to appreciate the good quality of potting soil. Remember that for every type of plant, one aspect to consider is the soil. It is for the plants to produce strong roots. When a strong root is established, you are sure that your plant is on its way to victory. At a basic level, the soil is the topmost layer of earth in which plants and other living things grow.

Today, there are quite a number of methods used in growing marijuana plants. Hydroponic is one way, but this method is quite complicated. Hydroponic systems have different types too, but we will discuss it some other time. Let our first stick to the more traditional way and know what the best soil for marijuana is. Going back to basics, going back to soil!

Important Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Soil for Marijuana

Things to consider when buying soil for your marijuana plant:

  • Drainage Ability- because cannabis plants need a good mix of oxygen and water at the same time, when there is too much water, the plant roots will have a hard time getting enough oxygen. Overwatering will make the plant look droopy because the roots are not getting enough oxygen.
  • Nutrients and microorganisms are essential for your plants’ growth. Nutrients like pumice, perlite, bone meal, blood meal, peat moss and so much more. Mineral nutrients such as Manganese, iron silicon, copper, and the list goes on. This will provide all the nutrients enough to get them through the whole growth cycle.

Perlite is a common soil amendment, it is recommended for any soil mix for most plants.

  • The texture of the soil is as important as the nutrients. Soil for marijuana plants should be light, airy, and moist. Spot check the soil before purchasing, it should appear dark and rich in color, hold water without getting muddy just moist, drains well, and has a loose texture.
  • A proper organic medium is a key to biodiversity for soil to thrive. Making your own potting mix is very cost-friendly. There are many different kinds of pre-made potting mix available in the market today. However, it will be beneficial if you know the component that makes up good soil when you want to create your own potting mix for your marijuana plant.

Choosing The Best Soil For Growing Marijuana

Here are some of the best potting soil for cannabis cultivation. These pre-mixed soils will provide the best treatment for your plants.

  • Foxfarm Happy Frog Potting Soil is made with enough nutrients your plants will need for growing. Happy Frog Potting mix is rich in fungi and microbes while will benefit your plants. It also contains bat guano, earthworm castings, and forest humus. You will never have to worry about the nutrients your plants will be getting with Happy Frog Potting Mix
  • Mother Earth Coco plus Perlite Mix is known as a potent marijuana potting soil. It contains 100% natural coconut coir with no artificial additives. With a composition of 70% coco pith and 30% perlite that allows your plant to have better aeration and drainage.
  • Black gold 1302040-8 quart all organic Potting Soil is a rich, potent and loamy blend of soil that goes well with any gardening applications. Every ingredient used for this mix is organic. It also contains pumice and perlite for optimum potency.
  • Super Soil Organic Concentrate is one of the best soils for growing weed. With this soil, all you need to do is water and harvest. This soil contains potent microorganisms, high-quality bat guano, organic earthworm casting, bone meal, fishbone meal, Epsom salt, aloe vera, and many more. It has all your plant will ever need.

Bottom line is, it is always good to know what your soil contains. When choosing marijuana medium yield, always check the growth and yield of your marijuana plant. Some people may choose hydroponics, but for the novice, the traditional way is better. When you are just starting up, you will not need more complications to begin. Once you get the soil mix part right, you are already halfway to a good start. It is quite normal for first-timers to become overwhelmed with the things that need remembering before starting the project. But with knowledge and research, you will be able to produce the best soil for growing marijuana without breaking the bank.

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3 Responses

  1. I have 2 autoflowers in solo cups of happy frog for the 2nd week & may put in 2 gal pots. Is the happy frog all I need for the vegetation phase & for flowering? Tips?

  2. I can’t wait to order more seeds, my credit card was hacked at Amazon, twice, so my bank said no more online…shitty…but my wife has agreed to do it with hers, right now I’m going through which seeds would be best for my injuries, bad car accident…thank you guys and gals, I was so surprised to get a little booklet, and few free seeds, really made my day…this will be my only place to buy seeds, again thank you so much…

    1. Hello Kay Fiedler, I have tried a lot of strains in my day so this is my OWN personal opinion. I’ve tried high the strains for pain, I’ve tried cbd only, the best I have found by far is a 1:1 mix. That means 1 part thc 1 part cbd. Together they make insane amounts of pain go away. Depends when and how often you can smoke (aka do you work from home or do you have to drive to work etc). If you need to be Sober then only do cbd as there is no intoxication from it as thc is what causes the high. CB Autoflower Cheese Marijuana would be the strain I would try if it’s pain your dealing with. Lots of factors come into play, feel free to msg me back as I do check there site quite often. Cheers

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