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Buying Marijuana Seeds: Ultimate Beginners Guide 2022

Buying Marijuana Seeds: Ultimate Beginners Guide 2022

From The Internet To “In Your Pot” — A Quick Guide To Buying Marijuana Seeds Online 

It’s a beautiful new era for cannabis fans. True, the USA has yet to decriminalize weed, but many states are getting “greener.” Also, in 2018, Canada lifted its federal ban on buds. 

As weed becomes more widely accepted in North America, many customers are curious whether they could grow this crop at home. Before you think about buying marijuana seeds online, you should consider a few crucial legal factors. 

Wait A Second, Can People Legally Grow Cannabis At Home?

Home cultivation laws vary depending on where you live. So, at this time, you have to consult your local laws to see if there are any penalties for at-home cultivation. 

However, if you’re a Canadian resident over 19, you could grow up to four plants on your property in most provinces. Note: This law tracks the household, not the number of people in your home. 

In the USA, these at-home cultivation laws get a bit more complex. However, if a US state has recreational marijuana policies, it will usually allow adults to cultivate four to six plants indoors per household. 

Please don’t take this general rule as the law of your territory! Always double-check your legislature’s seed policies for up-to-date info on legal cultivation. 

Could You Legally Buy Cannabis Seeds Online? 

Buying marijuana seeds online is legal if retailers expressly say they’re for “collectible purposes.” Many seed vendors take advantage of this loophole by deliberately saying their seeds aren’t for growing (wink, wink).

However, the USA still has that pesky federal ban on the transport of cannabis products. This makes it challenging to purchase seeds from out-of-state vendors—even if both states have recreational laws! 

For this reason, some people in North America rely on seeds from overseas companies, particularly in Europe. While flower isn’t legal in most European countries, some nations like the Netherlands and the UK don’t have laws against trading marijuana seeds.

So, technically speaking, it’s still “illegal” to buy seeds online in North America if companies market them to grow marijuana. 

However, most reputable seed banks take great care to package their seeds as discreetly as possible. Also, if your seed banks expressly say you aren’t supposed to grow these seeds, you could legitimately claim you bought them as “collectibles.” 

What Cannabis Strains Should Beginners Use? 

There are many great strains to start with, but Jack Herer is arguably the best pick. Although Jack Herer leans sativa, it has mild, euphoric effects that are great for any time of the day. With its earthy & citrusy flavor, Jack Herer is a perennial favorite amongst MMJ patients and recreational fans.

Like Jack Herer, Blue Diesel is another marvelously well-balanced hybrid. While it’s more difficult to find this Blueberry x Sour Diesel mix, it’s well worth the effort if you’re interested in an uplifting high coupled with gasoline aromatics. 

Granddaddy Purple is the best strain to start with for those who prefer a soothing and sedating high. This indica-heavy hybrid is reputed for its sweet grape flavor and intense couchlock sedation. 

Lastly, people who want to “get up and go” can’t “go” wrong with Green Crack. This sativa-forward Skunk variation will get rid of lingering daytime fatigue. Whenever you need a lift, a batch of Green Crack will reinvigorate your system. 

Consider The Benefits Of Growing Cannabis From Home!

It may be a pain to buy seeds in today’s legal environment, but there are many reasons to start growing weed at home. For starters, it’s way cheaper to grow weed than to order it from a dispensary. Also, it’s getting easier for at-home cultivators to find diverse strains online and in seed shops.

Even if you don’t have a green thumb, weed is a “highly” forgiving plant. There are also autoflowering weed seeds that take all the guesswork out of growing. These “auto strains” only take eight or nine weeks to mature, and they don’t require any fancy lighting schedules. 

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