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Guide for beginners to buy weed

How to Buy Weed – Guide for Beginners

The legalization of marijuana or cannabis in many states and countries is spreading like wildfire. There is no doubt that marijuana is getting very popular as time goes by. Thanks to the many types of research and studies conducted by exposing the positive effects of this weed. Marijuana has been legalized in many states and countries and has given cannabis consumers and cultivators alike. This article will talk about how to buy a weed guide for beginners.

Suppose you are a newbie and living in the area where marijuana is legalized for both recreational and medical use. In that case, you must be excited and curious to try smoking for the very first time. You may be thinking about ” “how does it feel to get high”? Or “what do I get when I smoke weed?”.

If few are new to cannabis smoking, remember that shopping for cannabis is not a one-size-fits-all matter. There are very important considerations to remember, especially when you are new. Marijuana comes in different potency, flavors, and smells. There are hundreds of strains of cannabis, and they have extra potency and effects; thus, the importance of selecting the best cannabis for you is a top priority.

In this article, we will give you some steps on how to buy a weed.

What is Marijuana?

Before we dig deeper into discussing how to buy weed, let have a quick talk about what marijuana is. Marijuana or cannabis is called by many names like weed, pot, grass, dope, ganja, Mary Jane, Hash, Herb, Aunt Mary, Skunk, Boom, chronic, etc. It is a green, gray, or brown mixture of shredded, dried leaves, flowers, and seeds of a Cannabis plant. It can have a psychoactive effect used for recreational purposes, and it also has therapeutic benefits.

There are two main types of cannabis. Sativa and Indica. Both have different effects on the body. Sativas can bring about string cerebral high while Indicas are more on the physical high. The tetrahydrocannabinol or THC in cannabis is responsible for giving the high, while Cannabidiol or CBD is the cannabinoid that is used for medical use.

Marijuana is one of the most used illicit drugs globally. The possession and use of marijuana are limited to states and countries where it is legalized.

How to Buy Weed – Guide for Beginners

You may be excited now that you can buy your weed ad take on your first cannabis journey. Don’t get too excited, though, and remember very important things that will guide you in your first cannabis experience.

1. Get a permit and secure a cannabis card. The card will permit you to buy weed in marijuana stores or dispensaries.

2. Find a trusted local dispensary or store – A trusted local dispensary will be beneficial, especially if you need assistance. If you have questions, a cannabis expert from the store will be able to answer your questions and guide you in buying.

3. See what you are buying. If it is your first time buying a weed, check what you are buying. There are important indicators in choosing high-quality cannabis, the smell, the look, the structure of the flower, and the feel.

4. Ask for the experience that you want to have. It may be best to have short research on the particular cannabis strain that you want to buy. As a beginner, remember that you may need to purchase cannabis with a low potency to be overwhelmed, especially that this is your first experience. There is much cannabis, and each has different effects on the body. You must know what type of experience you would like to have. Would you want to stay pumped up and have a euphoric high, or you’d rather stay low and enjoy a relaxing high? By choosing which type of high you would want to experience, it will narrow down the list of cannabis that you will have to choose from.

5. Consider the taste. Do not be surprised, as cannabis comes in many flavors. For most cannabis connoisseurs, it is not all about the high. Taste also matters. You may want to experience cannabis that will treat your buds with exotic tropical flavors to classic earthy and dank flavors. As there is much cannabis, there are also many flavors to choose from. Think of a flavor in mind and look for a strain that suits your taste preference.

6. Feel your strain – make sure that you get to touch your cannabis before buying it. The buds must be slightly sticky, but they should also not be damp and slimy. The stems must be dry, and they should not snap off easily.

7. Choose a less potent strain – as a beginner; it is best to select a strain that less potent so that you won’t be overwhelmed with the effects. Cannabis strains come in different potencies, so select strains with a low or medium THC content. The problem with most first-timers is that they tend to choose a very potent strain, and they get overwhelmed by the effects, thus resulting in an unpleasant smoking experience. This is why some novice smokers say that they have a terrible experience with their first, mainly because they have selected the wrong strain that may have been too strong for them.

8. Do research – nothing beats a well-informed customer. The person from the store or dispensaries may be able to help you, but it is best to equip yourself with the basic knowledge about marijuana and the strain that you want to buy.

The purpose of smoking marijuana should allow you to experience a comfortable, nice, and pleasant high that permits an enjoyable and positive experience. How to Buy Weed – Guide for Beginner knows which strain to buy on your first attempt to smoke weed; it will decide the kind of experience that you will get from smoking weed. Never commit a mistake by pushing yourself to experience an extreme high that can lead to unpleasant smoking experience as the effects of the strain might be overwhelming to you. Be a responsible smoker and take everything in moderation.


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