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Get A Marijuana Card

How to Get A Marijuana Card in Florida

With the bill endorsed into law last June 2017 by Governor Rick Scott, medical patients are now permitted to acquire marijuana. The directly accessible drug is available in different kinds, such as oil and capsule, as well as for vaping and smoking. There are also official stores or dispensing centers available around the State and doctors that could help when questions arise.

A permanent citizen in Florida can obtain a medical marijuana license card. The rules are organized and straightforward. The process of how to get medical marijuana in Florida has easy and detailed guides. There are also other things to consider and some practical knowledge to understand the medical marijuana card. 

Who are eligible to get a medical marijuana card in Florida?

The State of Florida allows permanent citizens to access the medical marijuana card program, given they present proof of residency and a couple of passport-sized photographs. Seasonal residents are also welcome to apply. Seasonal citizens are those who reside in Florida for a minimum of thirty-one days in one year, has secured a temporary residence, gone back to the State of Florida at least once a year, and is a registered voter and taxpayer.

Medical patients with any of these conditions are allowed and protected under the legal law.  Patients with ALS, Chronic muscle spasms, Crohn’s disease, Cancer, Epilepsy, Glaucoma, HIV / AIDS, Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Seizures are verified and allowed to get the card. 

These are also eligible; other illnesses that mirror the same severe symptoms as confirmed by a doctor, a terminal and grave illness confirmed by the doctor declaring the certificate and another doctor’s confirmation, and the chronic non-malignant discomfort affected by a qualifying requirement.

Steps on how to get a medical marijuana card in Florida 

These steps are easy to pursue. Take note of these to guarantee a reasonable probability of getting medical marijuana. 

First, secure your medical records and an appointment with a Licensed Doctor. Not only a Licensed Doctor but also part of the Medical Use Registry file. You can find near and available doctors on the Florida Department of Health website.  With the Licensed Doctor’s appointment, you can get a signed certification and statement that you are qualified for the medical marijuana card.  Florida’s citizens and residents can only avail of the card, so the patient must provide any proof of residency, be it an ID or a passport. 

The second step on how to get a medical marijuana card in Florida is the Licensed Doctor’s Consultation. The patient will require a range of questions and medical tests to thoroughly check and conclude if the patient is a fitting applicant for medical marijuana cards. The doctor will decide, and once the patient is considered qualified, the patient can progress to the next stage. To formally apply, the patient must be officially listed on the Registry. The doctor will record the patient’s name and information to the Florida Marijuana Use Registry. 

Finally, after being listed in the Registry, the patient can now submit a complete form to the Office of Medical Marijuana Use. After submission, the patient will have to wait for up to three weeks for the Department of Health to review and process the request and the issuance of the medical marijuana card. The person in authority will notify the patient via email once it is approved. If not, the Department of Health will request the patient to reapply and give proper and precise documents. Once approved, the patient can order from a licensed store using the confirmation email until the car is received.

Other helpful information on how to get a medical marijuana card in Florida


The registration charge for the medicinal marijuana card is 75 dollars. Added are the Licensed Doctor’s Consultation costs and other expenses such as photographs and other things like fare or gas for the trip. 


The medical marijuana card is renewed each year. The process is the same; a doctor’s deliberation and registration charge. The medical marijuana card should be renewed forty-five days before it ends. 

Where to purchase? 

There are licensed medical marijuana treatment centers across the State of Florida. With more than a hundred operating centers, there are a lot of choices available. Most offer free deliveries, so it is convenient and easy to buy. 

How much?

The doctor will decide and prescribe the amount of marijuana a patient can utilize.  There is a limit on the amount of marijuana a patient can buy in a month and the type of marijuana it can access.

Only in Florida

Even if the patient has a medical marijuana card, marijuana can be used only in Florida and can’t be taken anywhere outside the State. Federal charges are issued once caught carrying marijuana across the States’ borderlines. Also, using marijuana in public places is not allowed. 

The card is not a license for the cultivation of Marijuana.

Not because the patient has a medical marijuana card, it is now allowed to cultivate marijuana. No, only the Licensed dispensing centers are permitted to develop, process, and dispense marijuana. Anyone caught growing weeds is subject to investigation. Although medical patients are allowed to get medical marijuana, marijuana for general consumption is still illegal. 


For the sake of medicine and the effectiveness of marijuana as a cure, the State of Florida paves the way for medical patients to inquire and access medical marijuana. With just simple guides and ways to do it, it provides hassle-free and realistic attainability. It is also organized that only Licensed Doctors on the Registry list are qualified for the certification, and there are only official dispensing centers that are allowed to cultivate and process marijuana.  

The basic steps on getting a marijuana card in Florida are reasonably accessible, and many channels could help a medical patient get one. There will be local agencies as well as websites that will help. The vital thing medical patients need to do is to get concrete and well-explained information from the medical marijuana law to make sure every aspect is understood perfectly. Medical marijuana is there to help the patients and not burden them instead. Indeed, medical marijuana has its benefits and drawbacks.

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