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How To Buy Marijuana Seeds Legally & Safely Online

How To Buy Marijuana Seeds Legally & Safely Online

Buying marijuana seeds online can be overwhelming. You may have to consider so many things. It can be nerve wrecking for first-timers, but once you have purchased your first, everything will breeze easy.

Can you buy marijuana seeds legally?

There is no concrete answer to this question. This depends on where you are located at as laws on marijuana differ in each country.

However, there is no country that own the internet thus your safest access to marijuana seeds is through online. Nobody got in trouble for buying seeds as they are seeds not weed.

How to Buy Marijuana Seeds online Legally?

If you want to buy marijuana seeds legally, then it’s best that you buy it from your local stores – that’s if you are residing in a state or country where marijuana is legal. However, you will have limited access to a wide array of options for quality cannabis strains if you buy them from your local stores. Your best option is to go online and buy safely.

In general, the purchase of marijuana seeds as a collector’s items or for other purposes of breeding is considered legal. Many countries tolerate the use, possession, and cultivation of small quantities while other countries have a total ban. Going back to the question if it is legal, the answer would be depending on your location, but it is totally possible and safe.

Is It Safe To Buy Marijuana Seeds Online?

Yes it is. One challenge in buying marijuana seeds online is finding a reputable company. A company that will make sure that they sell you high-quality seeds and send them discreetly to your doorstep. Reputable seed banks pride in the quality of seed that they offer and the way they ship and deliver.

Buying cannabis seeds online is safe for as long as you do your research first.

Easy Steps On How To Buy Marijuana Seeds Safely

In most countries, marijuana is classified as an illegal substance, but marijuana seeds are legal. Cannabis seeds are technically legal in 180 countries. It is always better to check on the laws, where you are from and stay updated as each country has a different rule.

A few things to remember when you purchase marijuana online:

  1. Research about the company. Make sure that they are reputable. This means that the products they offer have the highest quality. Protect yourself from scammers and online sellers that are only there for your money.
  2. Know how they package your order. Do they use “Stealth Shipping”? Stealth Shipping is a shipping method that allows the package to be undetectable and unnoticeable. This is quite important, to erase a single ounce of suspicion. Packaging marijuana seeds should also be “masked” to avoid confiscation. Your chosen seed bank will know what to do with your order, there is no need to worry.
  3. Double-check the payment method offered. Choose the one that will make you comfortable.
  4. Request for a “No signature” required upon delivery. This way, there will be no way to connect the shipment to you and to avoid a paper trail.
  5. Check the laws in your country about marijuana, possession of cannabis, cannabis seed, etc. Being knowledgeable on the matter will always be an edge for you.

Where can you buy marijuana seeds online?

There are multiple marijuana seed companies that sell quality cannabis seeds online like seed banks from Europe and Canada that ship thousands of packages overseas every single week. These companies know how to package their goods to evade detection, however, if the seeds are confiscated, they usually send you a new batch free or refund your money.

Don’t worry about seeds getting confiscated as you won’t get in trouble for that as they are seeds not weed. Most countries don’t allow the importation of plants especially seeds.

If you are in Northern America or anywhere in the world, then the best country to buy cannabis seeds online would be from a seed company based in Canada because of the following reasons:

  1. Canada’s mail system is one of the most reliable in the world. They won’t get opened that much when it passes USA borders.
  2. Canada is one of the most trusted countries in the world that borders won’t suspect any mail coming from Canada compared to those coming from Netherlands.

What now?

We can help you get access to quality marijuana seeds. We offer discreet shipping to Canada, Australia, USA and anywhere in the world. We have been in the marijuana seed business for quite some time now so we know how to let order cannabis seeds online safely.


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    Ima live in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia and I’m looking to start growing autoflower for my edible business. Is there a law that would prohibit me from getting seeds shipped to my location? I would also like to discuss the discreet shipping option if that is the case. I’m a first time grower, and I know that it’s important to follow proper guidelines while growing. Is there a step by step guide on how to grow with the autoflower seeds?

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  3. Can I buy seeds legally from cropking seeds and I have applied for the license to grow so I’m looking for a seed company where I can register with them for seeds. I’ve bought seeds from crop king before.

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