Can You Buy Marijuana Seeds With Paypal As Payment Method?

buy marijuana seeds with paypal

As we all know, Paypal has become the safest way to pay for anything that you purchase online. Paypal took the eCommerce world by storm when it became Ebay’s partner and since then played a key role in the online world. Now the question is, can you buy marijuana seeds with Paypal as the payment method? The answer would be YES, although not all seed banks offer this as a payment option.

Some may have second thoughts about ordering marijuana seeds online, one of the issues is choosing what payment channel to use. The buyer always wants to be secure when checking out the item. If you check on several seed banks’ websites, you may have noticed that some offer PayPal as a payment channel. Most of these seed banks accept all major credit cards, Bitcoin, Money Transfer and a lot more. You may still find smaller shops that accept Paypal as a method of payment. Although they try their best to handle payments discretely to avoid the flagging of their accounts. There is a risk, however, for shops and their buyers as they gamble on the transaction. Their existing accounts can be suspended when Paypal notices that cannabis seeds were purchased through their course.

Facts On How To Buy Marijuana Seeds With Paypal

The Pros

Many people love using Paypal when shopping online because of its convenience. With a single username and password, it gives you an ability to pay through an account that is linked to your bank account or credit card. Another good thing when paying through Paypal is the item or purchase will not appear in the bank statement. Possession of cannabis seeds can be legal in most places but people would still opt to keep their privacy through the whole process of acquiring them.

Another advantage when using Paypal is that they act as a gatekeeper for your financial information. Paypal sends them your payment as easy as 1-2-3.

The Cons

The reason why some seed banks do not have Paypal is that they charge high commission rates. Many of the seed banks that offer online selling are not very big companies. A third party vendor will eat up part of the profit, which is not reasonable. PayPal has a policy that every user must agree to before signing up.

It states that “All receivable payments from Paypal that are used in buying steroids, controlled substances, narcotics or drug paraphernalia is strictly prohibited”. That is the reason why some become pessimistic when using Paypal.

Today there are only a few seed banks worldwide that accept Paypal. There are speculations that some online seed banks are not accredited because these may not be trusted by the payment system. Always double-check the website if they accept Paypal before wasting your time choosing the perfect strain to purchase. Then if not, I am sure there are other ways to purchase your seed in a secure and safe manner. Contact seed bank customer service. Discuss your options for payment and choose what method will be comfortable for you. 

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