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Star Killer is a combination of two very potent and legendary strains. It has a heavy effect that will take you down in minutes. Leave the regular strain to expert growers because it’s quite a handful to cultivate, but a feminized version may be easier to grow as long as you provide all its growing needs.

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More About Star Killer Feminized 

An Indica-Heavy Strain From A Galaxy Far Far Away

Star Killer is a cross between two out of this world strains, namely Mazar and Blueberry. This Indica heavy strain is universally loved by many for its heavy-hitting effects and therapeutic benefits. Growing this strain is a bit difficult; however, this feminized version makes it a tad bit easier for beginners and experienced growers to cultivate this strain. It is advised to have this weed bred outdoors where it can prosper and flourish.

The earthy citrus aroma of this strain gives it a jolt of flavor that tokers love the most. This Indica leaning strain has hard-hitting effects with its estimated 29% THC content. Beginners are warned to take this weed seriously as it can have adverse effects. The real kick to this strain is its blissful relaxation that starts mildly and intensifies as you go. Its anti-inflammatory qualities also help with long-term pain. Other medical benefits include relief from stress and depression.

6 reviews for Star Killer Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for James Falgoust

    James Falgoust

    As a prominent cannabis user, I am impressed by this Star Killer Feminized Marijuana can offer. This cannabis plant is very easy to cultivate indoors. I just provided every nutrients it needed and maintained proper lighting for its benefit. In just a few weeks in my bedroom, I cultivated it and saw its very dense buds. When me and my friend Alex started to light one of it, we immediately felt a hitting high within seconds upon smoking. The THC level is 29% can make my mind go wild. The flavor and aroma sticks in my tongue which compliments like fruity with salty feeling. There was this time when I felt like I was being stabbed in my back caused by a long day at work, upon using this it was all gone right after 3-4 hits. I like it! I will definitely offer this seed to my friend for them to try!

  2. Avatar for bobeuro


    Ill start by saying I got these and the blueberry. Both has been amazingly fast to vegetate. I would say the starkiller has been the ffaster of the 2 but both very similar. Im sure that is due to the blueberry part of star killers genetics. very easy to clone. less than a month into veg cycle and these things are huge bushes already with help from super-cropping and FIM techniques. starkiller is a must to add to any growers portfolios.

  3. Avatar for Stephen L

    Stephen L

    I’m 14 days into seedlings with this strain. 4 out of 5 seeds are about 2 inches tall and goin great. One seedling hasnt grown as tall maybe only 1/4 as tall as the others but it’s still growing slowly. I transferred them to Solo cups a couples days ago into fox farm happy frog. Hopefully in the next week I can move up to larger containers. These seeds sprouted and grew fast. I maybe had them in papertowel for 24 hrs and they were already ready to be planted. Going to try these in a green house outside but still have some time to decide

  4. Avatar for Zac


    I’m doing this for view after growing this flower out completely as well as drying it curing it and smoking it. This flower hits hard right off the bat, and is very potent well into the 20% THC
    You feel it in the head and throughout the entire body as a wave. This flower is best for night time but i smoke it in the day as well. The smoke is kinda spicy and citrus…it does have a very fruity smell to it when you crack open the buds.

  5. Avatar for Blade


    Im the first to grow this ill send you guys updates

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