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Cafe Racer Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Shop with confidence! We offer secure payment options including Bitcoin, Credit Cards, and even Cash. Your financial data is safe and your choices are varied. Your security is our priority.

(3 customer reviews)

869 Packs Overall Sold

The Cafe Racer strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds is a 70% Sativa to 30% Indica hybrid that is Sativa dominant. Granddaddy Purple and Girl Scout Cookies, two legendary powerful strains, were crossed to create this cannabis.

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Table Header
Granddaddy Purple x Girl Scout Cookies
THC Level
CBD Level
CBG Level
Category Type
Sativa Dominant Hybrid
Growing Level
Flowering Time
10-12 weeks
Indoor Height
Small (0-4 FT)
Outdoor Height
Small (0-4 FT)
Harvest Time
Indoor Yields
12–16 oz./m2
Outdoor Yields
14–17 oz
Taste and Smell
Berry, Citrus, Diesel, Earthy, Skunky, Spicy
Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Pinene

Together, the two illustrious strains gave rise to a chance for cannabis enthusiasts to experience real Indica and uplifting effects ideal for inexperienced and seasoned growers. Cafe Racer Feminized is a specially bred version of the popular Cafe Racer Autoflower strain. The term “feminized” refers to the genetic modification of the seeds to ensure that they produce only female plants, which are the ones that produce the sought-after buds. Due to its extraordinarily high THC content, this cannabis strain is thought to have potent effects in the medical cannabis industry. Regardless of your experience growing cannabis, Cafe Racer is a rewarding strain that yields extremely marketable flowers with incredible bag appeal. Step up your growing game with Crop King Seeds‘ Cafe Race Feminized Strain. Get free shipping on orders over $200 with discreet delivery.

What is Cafe Racer Strain?

The Cafe Racer strain was produced by crossing the well-known Grandaddy Purple strain with the high-THC Girl Scout Cookies strains. This is a 70% Sativa to 30% Indica hybrid strain that is Sativa dominant. While two of the most well-known Indica strains in the history of the cannabis industry are Girl Scout Cookies and GrandDaddy Purple, Cafe Racer Strain possesses distinct Sativa characteristics. The name comes from the London motorcycling scene in the 1960s, when riders would race between cafés while reducing their bikes to the bare minimum. Cafe Racer Strain is a high-powered cannabis variety that boasts a robust THC content of 27%, ensuring a potent and refreshing experience. Its CBD level of 0.3% offers a balanced cannabinoid profile that complements its intense effects. This strain is enriched with terpenes, including Pinene, Myrcene, and Caryophyllene, contributing to its distinct aroma and potential therapeutic benefits. The reference suits its characteristics because of the strain’s fast flowering, potent energizing effects, and low maintenance requirements.

Strain Effects

This delightful strain delivers refreshing and uplifting effects, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a boost in creativity and an overall sense of joy. Cafe Racer Strain owes its effects to a blend of terpenes, including Pinene, Mycerene, and Caryophyllene. These terpenes contribute to its distinct aroma and enhance the overall experience, adding depth and complexity to the effects. The effects of the Cafe Racer Strain are strong. They begin by giving the user a quick head buzz and euphoric high. Their moods can then be elevated as a result of this. As they are put in an upbeat state of mind, they have a general feeling of happiness.

Additionally, consumers experience a mental high in which their creative thoughts are unlocked, and an excess of ideas begins to flow. The users will be driven to their feet while the cerebral high continues, giving them strong energy to stay going all day. Due to its elevating qualities and significant THC and terpene content, this strain has been discovered to make an excellent partner for afternoon trips. It is designed to unlock your imagination and enhance your ability to think outside the box. Say goodbye to creative blocks and hello to a flow of innovative ideas.

Strain Aroma, Flavor & Appearance

Expect the Cafe Racer strain feminized seeds to have skunky scents with strong citrus and diesel fragrances due to its genetic skunk ancestry. Every puff gets even better because the smoke has a strong citrus acid flavor along with the traditional earthy flavor of cannabis. As an aftertaste, spiciness lingers in the mouth. The calyxes of the strain buds, which are similarly light green and have brown or orange tints, are covered with trichomes and have a good, fitted trim job. With a variety of dark green leaves covered in a dense covering of trichomes and projecting burnt-orange pistils, the Cafe Racer Strain has a classic appearance. The dense, resinous buds have a sticky texture. Opening one is a satisfying experience that awakens all of your senses.

Growing Information

Cannabis strains like Cafe Racer that have been feminized are recognized as simple to grow and adaptable enough to be grown indoors or outdoors. They prefer a warm, sunny, and partly humid atmosphere to thrive. Additionally, to maximize yield for cannabis plants that lean more toward sativa, the Mediterranean environment must be replicated. The strain may be cultivated either indoors or outdoors. However, indoor growing offers more precise environmental control, allowing for optimum terpene and cannabinoid production. In addition, for the cultivar to thrive, a balanced feeding plan is necessary. The plants will be able to absorb the required nutrients with a high-quality soil mixture and a regular NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) fertilization schedule.
Top trimming is required to permit branch development of new growth on the lateral branches. Lower foliage must be cut to allow more light to reach the plant’s roots since there is typically better airflow around the roots. Topping these plants would be advisable to control their upward development, especially for indoor gardeners, since they can grow up to 1 to 1.2 meters tall. Using the Sea of Green (SOG)approach is strongly advised if you grow in a greenhouse. The well-liked growth method helps to increase yields in restricted spaces. A low-stress method called SOG aims to develop numerous little plants instead of a few massive ones. They will yield approximately 350 to 600 grams of top-notch Cafe Racer cannabis when harvested in 10 to 12 weeks.

Frequency Ask Questions

What are the benefits of the Feminized Cafe Racer Strain?

Cafe Racer is known to be a very great mood enhancer. This strain’s euphoric and mood-uplifting qualities make it an effective therapeutic cannabis weed for treating stress, depression, and anxiety. It blocks away from all the negativity in the user’s head and replaces these with happy thoughts.
The strain is a great choice regardless of your experience level because the stain produces buds that are considerably above average in size and have a high THC concentration.
Its impressive THC level ensures a potent psychoactive experience, while CBD adds a touch of balance. The carefully curated terpene profile contributes to its unique scent and potential wellness properties. Cafe Racer Strain’s combination of high THC, moderate CBD, and carefully selected terpenes offers an intriguing and multi-faceted experience.

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3 reviews for Cafe Racer Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for mighty_one


    it’s hard to find the perfect strain to match your vibe but Cafe Racer is the only one that fits my vibe. Will surely buy another one. Super satisfied customer here.

  2. Avatar for angee


    I found the experience to be mellow, upbeat, and lively. It kinda smells like GSC at first.

    I really enjoyed growing this marijuana strain despite its long flowering time, needs a lot of patience but its all worth it! thanks CKS! my trusted seed bank

  3. Avatar for Bolen


    Oh man! she’s lovely and has a nice scent. herb that is easy to grow. However, if you’re like me and cultivate your plants outside, you need to give extra care and effort during the final weeks of blooming. I had a great harvest- nugs are THICK! perfect for daytime smoke. Once I smoke, I get a hard punch in my head that leaves me feeling dizzy at first, but afterwards I feel upbeat and happy! I have a fun time using it with my friends, and we get a lot of good ideas. simply removes worries from one’s mind. smells and tastes good, like berries with a bit of spice. Give this a try, baby!! 5/5.

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