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Grandaddy Purple Feminized Marijuana Seeds

(10 customer reviews)

Strain Overview

Granddaddy Purple is the father of a variety of strains across the world. It has a peasant vibe so you can move around with a smile on your face. It comes with a fantastic aroma and taste ideal for recreational and medicinal users. It is a short plant, but it’s bushy and loaded with good effects.

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More About Granddaddy Purple (fem)

A Real Classic Indica

She is the child of Big Bud and Purple Urkle. Knowing Purple Urkle and Big Bud, Granddaddy Purple is sure to please every smoker. With her fantastic aroma/taste profile and generous yield, you will never go wrong with her. She stands out even more
by having a decent THC content of 15-19%.

Granddaddy Purple is an excellent strain for beginners. She is 100% indica strain, so you better save her for your nighttime smoking routine. You can also try smoking her after work to get yourself ready for a peaceful sleep at night. She guarantees a deeply relaxing feeling with a gentle, calming buzz.

Growing Granddaddy Purple is a good idea for both novices and experienced growers. She takes only 9 weeks, which is pretty short. A big thanks to her parents for passing their brilliant qualities to this enticing strain. Granddaddy Purple grows short but bushy, so you will be satisfied with her yields.

10 reviews for Grandaddy Purple Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Jesse


    This was my first grow, bought these seeds and all 5 sprouted. Light was too far away and they all stretched, and I had to prop them up. Put them in hydroponic system for 2 months and they wouldn’t even grow roots, most other plants in the system for root rot, leaf problems, and died. after trying everything realized my ph tester was not working and the ph was at 1.5!!! Corrected issue and the plants shot to life filled the bucket with beautiful roots and growing like crazy. How these plants held on for two months enduring without a single plant dying is beyond me. Definitely buying again!

  2. Avatar for JESSE PADDOCK


    These seeds had a 100% seed rate but compared to the other strains this one seems to be slow growing, stunted a bit and more delicate to its environment. all other strains are growing like crazy and this one requires all my attention. Grand daddy Purple is one of my favorite strains though so will be worth the extra effort!!

  3. Avatar for martin


    gdp. strain grew [email protected] 75* 65 humidity. frosty fat buds.
    was a Cem run.

  4. Avatar for chris arutunoff

    chris arutunoff

    i’ve always heard that indica’s grow short. well, my GDP grew 13′ and was topped once. Hindu Kush 11′ and topped once. actually, it didn’t seem to matter what variety i grew they all got at least 10′ and didn’t have hardly any pests or disease growing here in eastern oklahoma. also, i’ve read that alot of folks are afraid to take leaves off the plant in mass. been doing that for 50 yrs and it makes my plants grow more vigorous. all of the leaves taken grow back very quickly!

  5. Avatar for Chris Brooks

    Chris Brooks

    My GDP is looking fantastic at approximately 6 weeks in!

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