Can You Smoke RSO Oil?

Can You Smoke RSO Oil

Popular for its compelling medicinal uses, RSO Oil has been truly exceptional. This effective and organic cannabis oil is deemed with providing treatment to cancer – a relatively remarkable accomplishment. Would you want to discover more about the RSO? Are you curious to know how this oil can help in curing certain medical illnesses? Can you smoke RSO Oil? How can you maximize the use of RSO Oil? 

What is RSO?

What do you know about RSO? Do you how it relates to pure cannabis oils? Well, it is not only that RSO is rawer and not fully processed, but it is commonly homemade and particularly compelling. RSO is distinct because of the reality that it is simple and affordable to formulate while essentially becoming a high-performing version of more traditional cannabis oil.

In elemental terms, it has a vigorous cannabis oil delivered through an ethanol extraction method and Indica strains. Its name was taken from the person who first developed it – an engineer from Canada named Rick Simpson.

Rick Simpson became popular after asserting to have treated skin cancer through his customized blend of cannabis oil. RSO Oil is associated with various medicinal benefits.

RSO has remarkably high THC levels. If properly developed, its absolute THC concentration can vary anywhere between 60 to 90 percent. Nevertheless, to achieve these remarkable levels and generate an all-out compelling final product, many creators of RSO begin with the dried plant material that originates from cannabis strains that are good enough to contain high levels of THC.

RSO Oil Composition

Bear in mind, every type of cannabis oil elicitation needs the application of a solvent. The chemical components of this solvent get off the chemical elements to establish an ultimate cannabis oil product.

So, what is the kind of solvent applied to formulate RSO? The answer is very basic – alcohol. Nevertheless, this is a relatively wide classification of chemical elements. Hence, here is a narrowed list of chemical compounds:

  1. Ethanol – Also recognized as grain alcohol, ethanol can also be employed for the production of RSO and is the kind of alcohol that is harmless to consume.
  2. Isopropyl alcohol – To ensure maximum efficiency, the alcohol solvent must possess a concentration that reaches 99 percent.

In many cases, and quoting from Simpson himself, the best option is the 99 percent isopropyl alcohol. This is not essentially since isopropyl has elemental chemical features that turn it a preferable solvent compared to ethanol. Significantly, it is because you can purchase 99 percent isopropyl alcohol through OTC in many pharmacies, although it is likely that you will specifically request for it.

Which is better for RSO – Indica or Sativa?

Even though there is an essential argument amongst creators, many concede that the preferable originating plants are Indica varieties with high levels of THC. Moreover, Simpson himself has mentioned that tranquilizing Indica varieties or Indica-dominant hybrids. 

Additionally, strains that contain low levels of CBD are also ideal, as a recent study implies that CBD wards off some of the THC effects. As a consequence, if a producer wants to redesign the popular potency of RSO oil, it is recommended that they stay to the varieties of cannabis that are low CBD and high THC.

Lastly, Simpson has also recommended that the content of THC of the sedative Indica cannabis strain must only be around 20 percent, and the plants should be females. By keeping on these principles, you will make sure that the ultimate oil product will establish a revealing potency that has turn compatible with excellent quality RSO.

Can You Smoke RSO Oil – Is That Possible?

Are you pondering about the possible usages of RSO Oil? Can you smoke RSO Oil? Can you dab it? These are some of the common questions asked about RSO Oil.

RSO is a perfect way to enliven your common cannabis smoke. One common preparation is to elicit a layer of oil down a coiling paper within, then fold a joint over it. Doing this will grant you an improved smoke – you may almost see it as a dual feature. 

There are instructions on the proper dosage of RSO. Nevertheless, different users require varied dosages betting on how potent their RSO is and their medical status. Commonly, you do not smoke RSO. Rather, there are three usual approaches to use RSO oil:

  • It can be used as a topical and be rubbed into the skin
  • It can be consumed sublingually while a drop is positioned underneath the tongue
  • It can be consumed orally through the form of a capsule

How to Properly Use RSO Oil?

It would be most efficient if you follow what is recommended. RSO is recognized for being amazingly potent. There is no chance that you can die due to RSO overdose; however, it can be very distasteful. Keep the dosing instructions and be well-informed on what to do if you happen to become extremely high. 

Understand Your Strain

The higher is the ratio of CBD to THC; the lesser is the high you will get. Users prefer to use Indica strains because these can put them to sleep if they consume too much. On the other hand, Sativa strains can make them feel disturbingly distressed when consumed in the suggested amount.

Practice Your Way to the Ultimate Dose

Consume 3 doses daily within the first four days. Then, work to double the amount every 4 days until you can tolerate consumption of 1 gram per day.

Directly administer to discernible tumors

If you notice the tumors to be distinguishable, blend the oil with olive or coconut oil to make it more manageable to distribute in the skin. Wrap the area with the use of a bandage and replace it every 3 to 4 days.

You can eat it

If your tumor is internal, place the RSO on a chunk of toast together with your favorite toast spread or place it on a hollowed capsule. If you have no concern about the taste, you can put it underneath the tongue to achieve the best absorption. 

Be ready for the side effects

For many users, the most unpleasant effect from the RSO oil is lethargy. The body would require rest anyways. Hence, set a schedule to relax after consuming your medicine.

Lower your dose after medication

Once you are announced to be free from cancer, begin lowering your dose. Keep on consuming the full dose that is 1 gram per day within 2 weeks after your illness is completely cured. Stay with 1 gram per month after the treatment.

Benefits of RSO

RSO is easy to formulate, and it does not need a skilled operator. Even a neophyte in the extraction of cannabis can promisingly create a potent oil on the first batch. The creation of RSO does not require complex or costly machinery.

Also, RSO can be created at home with immediately available ingredients. It exhibits a remarkably high level of THC, turning it one of the potent types of cannabis oil. A lot of consumers have explained that it has considerable medicinal and health benefits because of its high content of THC.

RSO can be consumed either topically or orally.

Side Effects of RSO

RSO is rich in THC. As a consequence, its usage can provide a great dose of this psychedelic phytocannabinoid, implying that marijuana high and euphoria will be hefty. For certain consumers, particularly the veteran users, this is exactly the reason why they extremely adore RSO. On the other hand, consumers who do not possess high resistance for cannabis may find the encounter of consuming excessive THC or RSO to be exceedingly dreadful.

Too much consumption of THC or RSO may direct to numerous adverse effects. In situations of acute ingestion, these include sluggishness, slurred speech, paranoia or severe anxiety, poor impulse control, inability to think clearly or focus, irritated or red eyes, slowed down of the reaction times, and general impairment.

Moreover, some critical side effects were also pointed out. Users may experience an increase in heart rate, issues in coordination or physical movement, and hallucinations, or momentary psychosis.

In many consumers, even veteran users, RSO can also be amnesic. This implies that it may trigger some loss in memory.


There are plenty of encouraging testimonies to demonstrate the positive effects when consuming RSO to cure some medical conditions. Although nothing from this research has been proven to be scientifically true yet, a lot of consumers have seen alleviation when consuming it. 

However, it is necessary to ensure that your RSO oil is safely formulated. An RSO oil that is properly created has great benefits to the health, but a poorly formulated one can cause danger to the health.

Can you smoke RSO oil? It certain aspects, it is possible to smoke RSO oil. However, it is not common to smoke it. If you want to maximize the use of RSO oil, it would be best if you try the common methods of applying it.

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