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Cloning Marijuana

Cloning Fast Version Marijuana Strains: Is it Possible?

Seeing your cannabis plant grow can be both amusing and as satisfying as you finally put those fresh buds from harvest into use. Growers worldwide have become fans of fast version marijuana strains for their fast growth while being easy to care for and producing high yields.

Once you have one or a few plants in your home garden, you might be wondering how you might be able to multiply some of your favorites to produce an extra supply. What the cannabis community calls “cloning” is how we propagate plants to create the same plant by taking a plant part, such as a stem, and growing it from there.

So rather than ordering another new pack of seeds, your chosen plant can already be the starter for you to grow one or several more exactly like it. However, the word goes around that cloning fast version strains of marijuana have been difficult to completely impossible to achieve, unlike traditional plants or strains. After many users have gone through trials and errors, cloning fast versions can, in fact, be achieved by following the proper procedures.

So for successful cloning to be possible, look no further with this guide for cloning fast version cannabis 101:

Finding the Perfect Choice Cut

Cloning is not as simple as breaking off a branch and poking it right into the soil. For fast version cannabis to be properly cloned, selecting the right cut fit for independent growth is an important step. This will also reduce the damage to  your mother plant or the main plant from which you will be taking the branch to be cloned. 

The best part to clone is the lower branches – they should sport vibrant color and have an overall healthy appearance. The lower branches are more mature, of course than those that are growing in higher parts of the plant, increasing their chances of survival, unlike smaller and younger branches. If you notice any discoloration or other suspicious features on the branch, do not use this for cloning. Get a good look and feel to the branches to examine their health before cutting them  off.

Making a Nice, Clean Cut

Cuttings should be done once your mother plant reaches its vegetative state. This ensures the plant is mature and will be able to easily heal from any cuttings to be made. To cut the branch away, take a pair of garden scissors, and snip off your chosen branch close to the node or the main stem of the mother.

Also, cut off any small leaves growing on the branch so that it may use more of its energy on developing roots rather than growing the younger leaves. Apply a cloning gel or powder to the fresh-cut tip to stimulate the growth and provide nutrients to the branch cutting. Gel has been proven to be more effective, though, since it is easily absorbed, unlike powder. Let the gel dry first for about 2 to 3 minutes before you proceed to plant it.

Planting your Pot

Choose a pot that will be able to accommodate the size of the cloned plant until it matures. While most cloned fast version marijuana strains do not grow to be as big as the mother plant (up to at least 80 percent of the size of its mother), you may consider the mother plant’s size as a reference for how big of a pot you should get.

Fill up the pot with a soil medium and poke a hole in the center where you will be planting the clone. Make sure the hole is just deep enough for the roots to grow and anchor later on. Water the hole first until it all drains out. Let the soil dry up for a while and plant the clone in.

Provide some Tender Love and Care

Just like the mother plant, provide your plant with as much light, water, and nutrients as needed. Be guided by the growing instructions and advice for your chosen marijuana strain. Note the temperature and humidity levels as this is also a key factor in your clone’s successful growth. You may start mixing in fertilizer later on in its vegetative state as the nutrients may be too harsh early on in the plant’s cycle.

Adjust the light cycle if your plant is kept indoors when it starts its flowering period for more buds to develop. Cloned fast version marijuana strains are usually smaller than their mother plant and also produce a smaller yield. But with tender love and care, your plant will yield healthy potent buds that offer the same quality just like its mother. Do not wait for them to fall off or break from the branches. You may begin to harvest the buds as soon as they are mature and have some weight to them. Enjoy and reward yourself with  their lingering aroma with smoke or extract the oils for other uses.

To grow yourself another clone, take another cutting from the mother plant as stated. While clones can grow into full marijuana plants, their clone may not also be as big and great in yield, so cloning from the mother plant will at least have higher chances of a bigger and more fruitful clone. Follow the same procedure and growing instructions provided.

By carefully following this set of steps plus your time and attention, cloning your favorite fast version of marijuana strains is possible. You will also be needing some additional garden tools and mediums, as mentioned above, such as garden scissors and cloning gel for clean cuts that will not damage your other plant and produce a healthy cloned fast version of marijuana strains.


Yes, cloning fast version marijuana strains are possible. Do not be discouraged by hearsay, and simply let this guide help you successfully grow your clones as anything you set your mind to with the proper actions can be achieved. So instead of buying yourself a new pack of fast version seeds, give cloning a try and reward yourself with a few more extra buds to harvest and a new member in your growing garden of marijuana plants.

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