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Guide to Cloning Marijuana

A Comprehensive Guide to Cloning Marijuana

Marijuana clones are an essential phase of spreading processes across the planet. Cloning marijuana, rather than cultivating it the normal manner, lets farmers absolute power over their yields. Rather than depending on the typical breeding method between a female and a male plant, cloning copies the marijuana you already possess.

What is cloning marijuana?

In simple terms, cannabis cloning is the manner of creating a precise replica of your weed, indicating you can produce plants without needing to sow a seed.

This article on how to clone marijuana will include all the things you require concerning cloning, the benefits and limitations, the tools required, and an explained steady guide. You’ll always have a bud in your possession.

Why Use Cannabis Clones?

Cloning marijuana needs some specific abilities, though they are quickly absorbed. You could assert it’s more straightforward than the seed reproducing method presented here. Cloning cannabis is the next reasonable action to increase yield.

Commercial farmers depend on clones for various basic purposes:

Low cost

Even when marijuana seeds usually aren’t restrictive in value, particularly for the business producer, the value does combine. Clones, in contrast, are at no cost. This is exceptionally vital for someone aspiring to mount their process.


Clones automatically get faster the subsequent yield since they do not need sprouting. Clones merely need several days to develop opposite originating from seed. Farmers no longer require to possess the tolerance for the sprouting process. Instead, they have immediate small marijuana plants set to develop.

Get many clones at the same instant.

Cognizant of, you can get many replicas from the identical weed. As long as it is bushy and healthy, you can gain several clones at once. Several specialists can accumulate countless copies from the very weed throughout its growth.


Among the major benefits of cloning is that you now grasp what to anticipate from your weed. After you’ve effectively nourished the mother, you will remember the entire condition of the clone since it is an exact duplicate of the mother plant.

Cannabis Mother Plant Guide

A superior clone originates from a strong mother. If you are getting clipping from a substandard mother plant, weak, or infected plant, your clones are appearing to take these genes ahead.

– Choose a parent weed you recognize is female.

– Your mother weed must be potent, along with illness and bug-free.

– Refrain from selecting a mother that hasn’t dispensed gender in pre-bloom and is then in bloom (it can get weeks to return to vegetative development, and your cannabis clones will produce more limited.

– Wait until your parent plant is no less than four weeks old.

– Compose your mother by supplying her with low nitrogen, high phosphorous compost a week before acquiring your clippings.

Guide in Cloning

Step 1 Use the Clipping to the Mother Plant

To get things going, you need to have your “clippings.” These are the parts of the parent weed that you will snip out and that will ultimately grow their roots. Begin by applying your cleanser to disinfect the knife-edge or shears you will utilize to get a clipping.

Next, distinguish where on the parent weed you make the clipping—Mark for firm limbs near the plant, which has several fresh developments at their peaks. Hold down every other adjacent limb so you have a comfortable and open path to the twigs you need to trim.

Discreetly clip the twigs away from the head stem of the weed using your knife edge or shears. Clip it in a slanted way. Chop chop; however, moderate. You need to lessen the level of shock your weeds feel during this process. Place the clipping right into a bowl of water.

Step 2: Set-up The Implanting Medium

The implanting medium is the material that will contain your clippings as they start growing their roots. Some farmers recommend adopting these Rapid Rooter plugs as it is feasible to suspend your clipping in water or place it straight into a tiny vessel of soil. They execute the whole method more accessible. Before putting your clipping, merge apiece in a liquid for approximately five minutes.

Step 3: Place The CLipping Within The Implanting Medium

Lift your clipping from the bowl with water after the implanting medium has mopped. Immerse the clip base within either rooting hormone gel or rooting hormone powder. Don’t forget to cover the whole clip in the rooting hormone. Then, lightly and discreetly put the clippings into the rooting hormone.

Step 4: Allow The Clipping Grow Roots

Don’t forget to remove any huge leaves found beneath your clipping to foster the development of healthy roots. Furthermore, prune them a little in case the top of your clipping has lots of big leaves. Simply shorten them, don’t clip them off completely. The purpose is to flag to your clipping to concentrate on developing roots instead of raising vegetation.

Clippings like mild and humid conditions throughout the rooting period. Spurt for a place between 22 and 25 degrees Celsius with sufficient humidity to have somewhat wet leaves. One uber-simple idea to make all this is to put your clippings in a mild humidity canopy.

Step 5: Remove The Clippings

When they bear a root system that is tough enough to begin creating young vegetative germination, your clippings are set to be removed. When removing, pay attention, and work slowly. Your clones are still growing, and removing trauma can harm them. Kindly put them into your organic medium. Nicely push soil near it; hence, it can support itself without any help if you are applying soil.

Step 6: Grow Your Clones

That being so, Oversee your clones just as it is with your normal marijuana plant. Concentrate on nourishments and light. Have the precise humidity levels and heats, and be cautious about nasty bugs, mildew, and viruses. They manage to develop promptly once replicas bear a secure root system. Therefore, keep an eye on your kids and gear up to appreciate a large yield.

Cloning can make surprises for your marijuana field by preserving your money and time and securing an innately uniform product. You don’t require a lot to make a start, and in case performed accurately, you can have a continuous yield of your elite weeds all-season.

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