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Cloning Feminized

Is Cloning Feminized Cannabis Possible?

Most cannabis experts or those who studied the fundamental basis of botany and cannabis cultivation know that cloning feminized weed seeds is possible. Even if cloning sounded like it’s from a science experiment, there are tons of benefits that you can acquire if you clone a cannabis plant compared to growing it from the seed.

One of the ongoing discussions among cannabis cultivators is the standard of growing cannabis from seeds compared to growing from clones. The seeds that develop from a sexual propagation that has genes from is the genotype that provides the seeds. Cannabis seeds can grow genetically different. The cannabis clones are from the cuttings that are taken from the female plant, which has been planted from the seed or itself as the clone. After cutting the growing branches, just simply drench it in water, and the roots will quickly go out. By this kind of reproduction, the identical cannabis plant can be grown easily for many generations.

Why Choose to Clone Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis cultivators use the word “clone.” It means “processing asexual reproduction” that extracts the cuttings from the mother plant to develop many offspring plants. Cloning is commonly used when you’re looking at a favorable marijuana feature that you want to reproduce.

For example, clone if you want a convenient or high cannabinoid figure or a certain cannabis variety you want to reproduce. Cloning feminized marijuana plants is an easy and very effective method to count the features of the plant that you want in order to control your garden easily.

When it comes to cloning your favorite feminized cannabis seeds, you shouldn’t be bothered it comes to breeding plants. Cloning and breeding are different terms and processes. Cloning feminized cannabis plants signify that you’ll develop a definite or same copy of an existing plant and grow it to add to your plants. On the other hand, the word “breed” or “breeding” feminized cannabis plants means that you have to combine two or more different varieties of strains.

Growers may think that cloning requires extra effort and time since you expect to be working with a similar feminized cannabis hybrid. Cannabis growers may already know that feminized cannabis plants develop the same young female cannabis plants as the original mother plant. Growing such clone plants does not require months or years to wait for breeding your marijuana plants to develop other young cannabis plants. However, you are not guaranteed if that plant can produce a great number of female cannabis strains.

Growers can also be saved from having impenetrable germination methods when deciding which of the cannabis plants can grow properly with a certain strain to develop the maximum yield of female marijuana plants.

Purpose Why the Growers Clone Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  • It is a distinctive method that can help cannabis growers save time and effort in separating the males from female plants.
  • Growers have no doubts about growing female plants from cloning feminized marijuana seeds.
  • Cloning feminized cannabis plants will not lose the marijuana plant’s potency.
  • Growers can clone the marijuana plant that comes from the feminized marijuana seeds as much as they want without thinking about losing its potency.
  • The plant maintains the same ideal features as its original mother plant.

Steps in Cloning Feminized Cannabis Seeds

  1. Choose the original cannabis plant.
    Cloning cannabis seeds takes a lot of work, and the most important step to begin cloning is to pick for a mother plant to clone. You should first monitor the growing form of each existing plant. Decide and choose one of the ideal participants for cloning, and you can lay the basis for the cloning seed. You can choose the ideal quality of the cannabis plant that would grow healthy and yield positive results for your clone plant.
  1. You can now cut the stem of the plant.
    You can cut closer as you prefer up to the main stem for about a 45-degree angle, but without harming the roots. Then, place the roots in the water to avoid air bubbles. Take away all the extra foliage from the sample plant.
  1. Choose the method that you are going to use.
    In cloning, there are three methods that you can choose from: the Rockwall method, the water method, and the potting soil method. Such growing methods come up with a set of advantages as well as disadvantages. Whatever the technique you will use, just make sure that it’s the best method to reap the great benefits of a healthy cannabis plant.
  1. Move the cannabis plant.
    The plants that you clone need to have the ability to produce very productively in their new surroundings. After that, the cloned plants are prepared for their time to grow. You can now move the plant to a contained spot where you want it to grow. Just let the plant produce on its own.

How to Good Take Care of Cloned Cannabis Plants

The cloned plants need tender loving care after it has been moved. It has to be handled very differently from ordinary or usual plants you care about. It’s because the plant went through a different growing procedure compared to what the mother plant did. You can place the lights quite farther from the cloned plants, especially if the growing light is strong. The cloned plant is more sensitive to lighting conditions and may wilt.

Benefits of the Cloned Feminized Cannabis Plant

There are two usual benefits that you can get after you cloned the feminized cannabis plant.

  • Growers can guarantee that the plant grown from the feminized plant is a female plant.
  • Growers can save time because the cloned feminized cannabis plant can also produce young feminized marijuana for up to four generations. It means that growers can also save a lot of money.


Cloning the cannabis weed is so easy that even beginners can easily learn how to do it. Cloning feminized seeds is just the same as cloning the plants that grow from the regular seeds. They consider the identical clone as the cutting of the donor plant. Cloning is a great way to obtain a steady flow of crops all year round without solely relying on buying seeds every time.

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