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Super Silver Haze Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

The only strain that has won back-to-back Cannabis Cups has been bottled up and cloned for everyone to have access to. Our feminized Super Silver Haze seeds will soon become your favorite strain to grow for a few really good reasons: firstly, it gives the consumer a complete body stone as well as a boost in creative thinking. Secondly, it will make you want to have intellectual conversations, making this the perfect strain to share with your friends. Thirdly, due to its tall height, this plant delivers large yields, usually maxing out at 450 grams.

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More About Super Silver Haze Feminized

This award-winning strain is an indoor-only grow that is sativa-dominant. The composition of this strain (14.70% THC, 0.1% CBD, and 1.4% CBN) produces a unique set of effects. It clears your mind and lets you enjoy a good body buzz mixed with a lot of mental stimulation. Your creativity and intellect will get a big boost and is great for deep discussions. For these reasons this strain is highly recommended for people who work in creative fields, such as artists, musicians, and writers, or those who move in creative circles.

Regardless if you are working on a major project, discussing international immigration policies with friends, or just looking for some creative stimulation, Super Silver Haze will serve you well.

15 reviews for Super Silver Haze Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Chris


    Hey guys thought I would drop my experience with this lovely lady. Its about 13 weeks to finish her decent yields very fluffy hugs but damn the smoke is soo good all my friends wabt it hehehe going to try ice wreck next and uh oh yeah great job on the top ten strain cks!

  2. Avatar for Jonathan C.

    Jonathan C.

    This is the 11th strain I have tried from CK. All the SSH sprouted quicker than any other strain, still very very early to offer any useful comments other than its the best of the 11 as far as germination went. CK is great just wish they’d add some new strains, like OG kush or any of the literal hundreds of different strains that seem to be appearing daily.

  3. Avatar for Cindi


    at age 49 I finally found my favorite for my lupus disease; the skunk does wonders for my inflammation, the haze helps me smile, and the northern lights help reduce odor big time and keeps me mellow Cheers

  4. Avatar for Donnie


    Great seeds, wish I can post a picture of the size of her. She is 5×5 and fills my 5×5 tent. Very nice plant.

  5. Avatar for Mikey

    Mikey’s Nug Farm

    Hey everyone. This is my second time buying seeds from CKS. First time out I knew nothing and got a small amount of bud with a sativa auto flower. Then I researched and discovered hydroponics. My Super Silver Haze seeds germinated just fine using the process illustrated here except one smaller one. My 3 plants are at 57 days old and are 33″ tall and bushed right out. I’m running 2 LED lights. Just started the bloom cycle as these mothers are big. Getting pistols and calyx all over last couple of days. The plants are really lush with both sativa and indica shaped leaves, some are way bigger than my hands. In addition, the leaves are absolutely perfect with no discolouration or anything. For the first month the plants didn’t seem to grow much but then they took off and the stems and roots are huge. I have a fourth plant I’m keeping as a mother so I can use the clones for the next batch. I would say so far it’s a success…can’t wait to try the buds. I’m planning to buy more seeds from CKS in the future. I hope the review helps and the seeds germinated well! Mikey

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