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Amnesia Blue Head Band Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Amnesia Blue Head Band Strain is a fantastic, 50/50 hybrid that combines the best qualities of three illustrious and well-respected cannabis strains which have a quick blooming time, huge yields, and large, dense buds wrapped in resin.

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Strain Profile Info

Type: Sativa-dominant (hybrid)
Parents: Amnesia Haze x Blue Headband
Flowering Time: 9-10 weeks
Climate: Temperate/Continental, Sunny/Mediterranean
Yield: 16–17.5 oz. per m² (Indoor) 17.5–21 oz. (Outdoor)
Flavor: Earthy, Citrus, Sweet, Peppery
THC Level: 10-20%
CBD Level: 0-2%
Height: Tall
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

This strain has a potent but not skunky earthy aroma with discernible lemon undertones. This strain produces plants with a variety of growth traits. However, they tend to have a Sativa profile. It provides a mental and physical high and does it with such energy that you’ll mistakenly believe it contains much more THC. Genetics from the blueberry Blue Head Band and the memorable Amnesia were combined to create this well-balanced hybrid. An effective fusion of potent genetics, outstanding flavors, and amazing effects. Most customers claim to feel calm and collected, which could be because the soothing terpene bisabolol is present. This strain’s cannabis has stronger sedative effects when consumed in large doses. The relaxing sensations may reduce physical tension and pain. Growing Amnesia Blue Head Band Strain requires 9–10 weeks to reach blooming maturity.

Allowing your crops to reach full maturity will yield the finest results because enhanced flower and resin production requires a warm Mediterranean climate if your bush is outside; otherwise, they are moderately simple to grow. Grow your high-quality marijuana with Crop King Seeds‘ Amnesia Blue Head Band Strain. Order now and get free shipping on orders over 200$!

What is Amnesia Blue Head Band Strain?

The Sativa-dominant Amnesia Blue Head Band Strain is a fully 50/50 hybrid strain. This beautiful hybrid was created by crossing Amnesia Haze, Blue Headband. The soothing qualities are strong enough in higher doses to tire you, even though they won’t make you pass out. Amnesia Blue Head Band Strain cannabis has a THC content of 10-20% and a CBD content of 0-2%. It will give you a psychedelic high attributed largely to the Sativa strain Amnesia Haze, which also gives you a lot of energy. Cannabis cultivated from the strain offers a one-two punch with mental and physical benefits. First comes an energizing cerebral buzz, followed by a satisfyingly calming body stone with Indica influences. This strain’s combination of qualities makes enjoying it after dark a pleasure.

Strain Effects

This strain contains 10% to 20% THC, but you’ll think it contains more THC when you smoke it. On the other hand, the headband is an Indica strain that presses tightly against the head. Amnesia Blue Head Band’s Indica side enters the picture one hour later. You can maintain your mobility and experience bodily tranquility at moderate levels. Because of its calming qualities, you feel light, relaxed, and stress-free after using this strain.

This makes it a great option for people who want to relax after a hard day and benefit from cannabis without getting too stoned. Higher doses intensify the calming buzz and promote pleasant laziness. You can feel lightheaded or have minor anxiety or nervousness if you smoke more than intended. If these happen, take a break, sip some water, and they’ll pass quickly, leaving you unharmed. After consuming cannabis developed from feminized Amnesia Blue Head Band Strain for a prolonged period, you might feel your hunger growing. Maintain a supply of food on hand to ward off the munchies, and sip water frequently to prevent cottonmouth and dry eyes.

Strain Aroma, Flavor & Appearance

Fresh buds release a clean, fruity scent with flowery and earthy undertones. The earthiness grows stronger as harvest draws near, and a hashy quality lends a faint edge of pepper and spice. The frosty purple nugs take on a robust scent throughout the curing process. Strong berry and flowery notes complement an exotic, funky, just-turned-soil aroma as the ingredients become more complex. When you light it, the thick, silvery smoke that attracts attention is packed with all these enticing flavors. Grounding the smooth, sweet blueberry flavors is a sophisticated concoction of spices and earth. When exhaling, the robust smoke leaves a nice flowery aftertaste with a tinge of spice.

Growing Information on Amnesia Blue Head Band Strain

Feminized Amnesia Blue Head Band Strain seeds produce plants with a primarily Sativa structural makeup. This is a lanky type with evenly spaced internodes, despite the fact that they don’t grow very tall and their branches are rather sturdy. The 4 to 5-foot tall Amnesia Blue Head Band Strain needs lateral room because of its structural makeup. The relative humidity for this plant should be between 40% and 50%. Amnesia Blue Headband will produce a large crop inside and outside ideal growing conditions. It can be cultivated outdoors in areas like the Mediterranean, California, Southern Europe, and Australia. When given enough sunlight, this plant can yield up to 21 ounces of sticky trichome-filled blooms.

Harvesting in the northern hemisphere as soon as possible following the winter season, ideally before October, is important. It’s a cultivar that needs a lot of nutrients and is rather sensitive, so it needs some cultivation expertise to reach its full potential. This strain can be grown in any medium. Cultured organic soil improves your buds’ flavor and is inexpensive and easy to maintain. When growing marijuana, always use new soil because old soil could contain harmful microorganisms. This strain can also be grown hydroponically, where a direct supply of nutrients facilitates its robust development. Hydro arrangements reward you with huge plants and better harvests, but they are more expensive and difficult to maintain.

The greatest choice for growing these strain seeds is inside if there isn’t a suitable climate. Keep the temperature between 69° and 79°F and use lights that are at least 600 watts. Relative humidity (RH) should be between 50% and 60% during the vegetative stage. To avoid any cases of mold, mildew, or bud rot, it’s critical to drop the RH to 40–50% once flowering starts. The striking coloring of this strain is produced by cooler settings, which also prevent dramatic changes in temperature between day and night. In the final weeks of flowering, prune frequently to limit moisture retention and to focus energy on the buds. Your indoor crop should produce 16–17.5 oz. /m2 following 9–10 weeks of continuous flowering.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the common effects of this strain?

A very happy mood is influenced by the cerebral effects of cannabis cultivated with feminized Amnesia Blue Head Band Strain. Smoking can help with anxiety, despair, and mental fatigue symptoms.

What are the adverse effects expected with this strain?

Reduced hunger may unintentionally be a benefit of cannabis grown from the Amnesia Blue Head Band Strain. A moderate amount of smoking promotes a healthy appetite and restores the allure of food.

Can a beginner grow Amnesia Blue Headband Feminized Seeds?

Amnesia Blue Head Band strain seeds require expert cultivation for the greatest results. Having some experience under your belt helps to achieve the best outcomes easier. It has a Sativa-style growth profile and a modest environmental sensitivity.

What is the average yield of the strain?

The strain seeds grow into 4-5 foot tall, manageable plants. The largest specimens are grown outdoors under optimum conditions. Yet, indoor plants can grow just as huge and stretch during early flowering.

Is Amnesia Blue Head Band a potent strain?

This strain contains an average amount of THC. The high is extremely cerebral and may be too much to handle. But it’s also incredibly calming and joyful. These cannabis seeds represent a very uncommon genotype.

2 reviews for Amnesia Blue Head Band Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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    Who would have thought that planting seeds are one of my hobbies now? The big factor was to see how effective those. I can’t help but continue to plant more and see more neighbors planting too. Superb, CK!

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    Aside from the fact that the delivery was fast, all the seeds I have ordered have great yields. I can say that I’ve got the right choice to purchase the seeds from CK. I will surely recommend this to my friends as well. Awesome!

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