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God Bud Regular Marijuana Seeds

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God Bud is a blessing for consumers because of its high THC content and amazing relaxing effects. You must smoke this before bed to experience that good night’s sleep you’ve been longing for. It is a Cannabis Cup awardee because its natural and therapeutic effects among them are pain-relief, stress-relief, and as a mood enhancer.

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More About God Bud Regular

God’s Gift To Man

God Bud is an Indica leaning plant that is known for its moderately high THC content. This Canadian import’s heritage is shrouded in mystery but has always been one of its best selling points. Aside from its good THC content, this strain is also known for its relaxing effects that cause drowsiness resulting in a good night’s sleep. This and its many varied effects helped it nab the 2004 Cannabis Cup and sealed it as one of the top cannabis in the market.

Typically grown in controlled environments at the hands of an expert grower, this strain gives off a strong earthy, musky, woody scent and a cocoa flavor with skunky undertones. Its effects are quite a heavy hitter as well, but it truly shines as medical marijuana enabling different resolutions to never-ending health problems. If you are looking for a miraculous plant to help you with your condition, then God Bud is your ultimate choice.

1 review for God Bud Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Carol Bentley

    Carol Bentley

    This strain is one of the best strain. I can say a true success because the plant turn out to a healthy plant. I put led light in my growing area. Plus I put some additional nutrients in the soil. The plant produced huge buds and I am happy to collect it. Over all, the effects are great, happy smoker here!

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